The short-term rental industry is vast, fragmented, and growing; offering guests consistent standards can be challenging at the best of times. At the same time, guests (rightly) expect their chosen accommodations to meet local health and safety, hygiene, and legal requirements. When these industry realities impact a guest’s experience, it can spell disaster for both […]

Properly is proud to announce our partnership with in a pilot program designed to standardize cleaning for short-term rentals. As our CEO and Founder Alex Nigg recently detailed in his article, it is essential for short-term rentals to show travelers that they are a safe, reliable option for accommodation. Cleaning according to the whims […]

With the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19, property managers everywhere are thinking about how to reassure their guests and take proper precautions to prevent the spread of infection. The short-term rental industry is uniquely positioned to provide assurance to guests at this time. Once a property has been correctly disinfected, the only people […]

If you’ve downloaded our Ultimate Guide to Short-Term Rental Inspections, you know why post-turnover inspections are a critical tool for every property manager. Inspections can eliminate 98% of all mistakes made during turnover.  You can save thousands every year by catching those mistakes before your guests see them. There’s just one problem: in-person inspections are […]