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[:en]With the vacation rental industry now being valued at over $100 billion, there is no denying its success and ever-growing potential. As well as having presence on listing sites to appeal to wide audiences, many owners and managers opt for building their own websites in order to become more visible in a saturated market, generate […]

[:en] Airbnb Open in Paris featured a Keynote on the dawn of home-sharing for Business Travelers. Mike Curtis presented Airbnb’s newest rollout and revealed that the Business Travel Ready feature makes it easier for guests to search for business travel accommodations on the platform. He also highlighted what it takes for a listing to be […]

[:en] Can hosts manage vacation rentals remotely without hiring a property manager? Absolutely. As seasoned hosts, we know much more goes into renting out rooms than simply offering guests a place to sleep. There are full pre and post-booking operations, different tools to market and price the listing, and special hospitality touches to consider. When hosting […]