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Our Mission

Properly is committed to setting the standard for the vacation rental industry, and ensuring peace of mind for guests, owners, managers, and service providers around the world.

Our Company

Properly was founded in 2012 to provide a simple solution to a problem short-term rental hosts and managers everywhere will be familiar with: how to ensure that every clean is done correctly, every time - no matter how unique each property might be.

Properly has expanded from a simple app to a complete quality management solution and certification framework for short-term rentals. Today, nearly 50,000 users in 50 countries use the Properly app for quality management.

Properly creates visual checklists based on best practices and required protocols from listing platforms, local and national regulations, and other governing bodies that require short-term rentals to ensure certain standards of cleanliness and disinfection for their rentals.

We then make it easy to send those checklists to your cleaners, verify that each task was done correctly, fix any problems that arise, and keep a system of record for every property. Our Remote Inspection team can even verify your cleaner’s work for you in real time!

Our Leadership Team

Alex Nigg


Alex Nigg is the founder and CEO of Properly. Alex Nigg entered the vacation rental industry as an Airbnb host, quickly discovered a passion for it, and has been heavily immersed in the industry ever since. He started Properly after he found himself frustrated with the difficulties of ensuring a high-quality turnover between every guest, and developed a suite of software that would allow hosts and managers to send clear visual instructions, monitor and track the cleaner’s arrival and task completion, and ensure a high quality turnover every time.

Alex has long been considered a thought leader in the short-term rental industry, particularly regarding standardization and professionalization in cleaning and management. Alex has spoken at major industry events throughout Europe, North America, and Australia, and is a regular contributor to leading short-term rental publications on the topics of strategy and operations.

Prior to Properly, Alex had over twenty years of experience as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and advisor to startups and multinationals.He was a management consultant at Bain & Company, and a venture capital investor in Silicon Valley. Alex was born in Italy, studied at The London School of Economics and Stanford University, speaks German and Italian, worked in Europe and the US, and today splits his time between San Francisco and New Zealand.

Mohsin Ahmed


Dr. Mohsin “Mosh” Ahmed, our CTO, has extensive experience in software development. He holds a BTech and Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Mosh earned his stripes at Google, where he was a Senior Engineer for over five years. He wrote parts of backend servers in Java for Google maps, developed the identity verification system for Google and has a patent on protecting privacy of user information. He also worked on large scale data collection, spam and abuse detection, and machine learning on ranking user documents for ranking at Google in C++, Java and Python.

Mosh wrote parts of Windows TCP/IP drivers in C and tools for Microsoft Windows, and has several patents on Microsoft Internet Explorer. He developed AI/ML based recommendation systems in GoLang, Python and JS for education using voice recognition systems on AWS. He has developed security software in C++ for hardware encryption of electronic design tools for a startup that was acquired by Synopsys. His contributions to open source can be found in vim encryption in C, and installed on every Linux machine.

Mosh is also a dedicated mentor and teacher, and has taught Computer Algorithms and Data Science as a professor and Programming as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda.

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