We are on a Mission

Properly is a San Francisco-based startup which provides an operations management platform for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental property managers, and a marketplace for service providers within the industry. We are backed by world-class investors such as the Sequoia Scout Fund and our SEM (software as a service enabled marketplace) tools are now used by 15K+ Airbnb hosts and property managers around the world.

The Properly team is a group of talented entrepreneurs from around the world eager to make a dent in this fast-growing industry. Our offices in the US, New Zealand, Barcelona, and Europe, enable us to attract individuals from around the world.
And, thanks to the explosive demand for our product, we must now grow our engineering and product teams. Specifically, our Wellington office, out of which many of our developers and engineers work, is looking for new talent.

This is where you come in!

Join Our Team

Interested? Write us at jobs@getproperly.com