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Discover the revolutionary new way to manage your property care operations.

App and Software

Web and mobile software makes it easy to manage every aspect of your property care operations. Your bookings are directly imported from your PMS or listing platform so you can manage your turnovers, inspections, maintenance jobs, and key handoffs easily. 

Custom Checklists

Creating detailed, clear checklists for every property is an exhausting task. We handle it for you. For all paid accounts, we create custom checklists for every amenity in every room in every property. 


Finding great vacation rental cleaners doesn't have to be an impossible task. Our Marketplace is full of qualified, tried-and-tested professionals who know turnovers inside and out. 

Remote Inspection

Properly's software makes it easy for you to check your cleaners' work from anywhere. But if you don't have time to check each turnover while it's happening, we've got your back. Our Remote Inspection service double-checks your cleaners' work in real time. 

Performance Pay

Paying your cleaners in-app is simple with Properly. You can also pay them a little extra for exceptional work or critical tasks with Performance Pay. Clearly communicate to your cleaners what you value most and see the quality of your turnovers skyrocket. 

Get the Expert Help You Need

Our professional service providers offer cleaning, turnover, inspection, maintenance, and key handoff services. If you're looking for a new service provider, our Marketplace is packed with great Pros who know vacation rental turnovers inside and out.


Does Properly integrate with my PMS or software?

Properly currently integrates with Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO, iCal, BookingSync, Escapia, Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, myVR, Newbook, RentalsUnited, Streamline, SuperControl, and We’re adding new integrations all the time, so please email us at if you’d like to see us integrate with your favorite PMS or software!

How much does Properly cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the number of properties you manage and the services you choose to add on. However, our customers at every pricing level report that Properly more than pays for itself by saving them money in refunded cleaning fees, booking reimbursements, negative reviews and lost bookings, and the cost of sending a team member to fix issues that occur during turnovers.

Schedule a time to talk to our team today to discuss pricing.

How long does it take to get started with Properly?

You can sign up for our free app anytime to see if you like the software. If you want to send more than two jobs a month, you’ll need to sign up for one of our paid service tiers.

Every new customer starts with an onboarding call with our customer success team. That call gives us the information we’ll need to create detailed custom checklists for each of your properties. Once your checklists are complete, we’ll review them with you and ensure that you’re happy with the standards we’ve set. You can then send and receive jobs in Properly using your new checklists.

It only takes a few days for our team to get your custom checklists set up, but time to start can vary depending on your availability for an onboarding call and follow-up call. If you’re readily available, you should be up and running with Properly within a week.

Have more questions? Set up a time to talk to our team.

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Properly, Inc.

Run Your Own Business

Your experience in the vacation rental industry makes you a valuable partner to dozens of property managers in your area. With Properly, you can start your professional service business and start receiving jobs in just a few minutes.

Get Perfect Clarity

No more confusion or miscommunication with your clients. You'll be able to review each job, including pay rate and all tasks, before you accept it. Save time and hassle with Properly ensuring you and your clients are always on the same page.

Get Paid Automatically

You shouldn't have to chase down payment after a job well done. With Properly, your payment is processed automatically as soon as the last task is checked off. And that time you used to spend creating invoices? Can now be used to grow your business.

Work with Backup

You're only human, and even with a great app like Properly, you'll make mistakes now and then. The Remote Inspection team is here to catch those mistakes before they cause issues for your clients - keeping your quality service track record absolutely perfect. 

Become a Pro

Become a Pro to accept jobs through the Properly Marketplace. Pros deliver quality services, earn higher pay rates, and are covered by the Properly Marketplace Guarantee - giving new customers confidence in hiring you.

Used by thousands of Service Providers worldwide


How much does Properly cost?

For service providers, Properly is completely free to sign up for an account, and free to receive jobs via a customer you already work with who has invited you to join their team. We charge a flat 15% fee for all jobs received through new customers you met via the Marketplace.

In exchange for the 15% fee, you’ll get:

  • Jobs sent directly to you through the Marketplace from customers in your area.
  • The ability to review the property and checklists to ensure you’re willing to accept the job for the offered rate – no more unexpected surprises or negotiations with the client when you arrive on-site.
  • In-app payment sent immediately after the job is complete. You won’t need to follow up with your client or create invoices for your work. Once the job’s done, you’re paid right away.


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