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Cleaning and Disinfection

Protect yourself on the job

Clear instructions on new protocols, safety procedures, and the system of record you need.

Run Your Own Business

Your experience in the vacation rental industry makes you a valuable partner to dozens of property managers in your area. With Properly, you can start your professional service business and start receiving jobs in just a few minutes.

Get Perfect Clarity

No more confusion or miscommunication with your clients. You'll be able to review each job, including pay rate and all tasks, before you accept it. Save time and hassle with Properly ensuring you and your clients are always on the same page.

Get Paid Automatically

You shouldn't have to chase down payment after a job well done. With Properly, your payment is processed automatically as soon as the last task is checked off. And that time you used to spend creating invoices? Can now be used to grow your business.

Work with Backup

You're only human, and even with a great app like Properly, you'll make mistakes now and then. The Remote Inspection team is here to catch those mistakes before they cause issues for your clients - keeping your quality service track record absolutely perfect. 

Become a Pro

Become a Pro to accept jobs through the Properly Marketplace. Pros deliver quality services, earn higher pay rates, and are covered by the Properly Marketplace Guarantee - giving new customers confidence in hiring you.

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