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Get A Perfect Clean.

Every time.

What is Properly?

What is Properly?

Properly is a quality management tool that makes it easy for you to get a perfect clean at your property every time. In the app you’ll find:

  • Best Practice Checklists that you can customize to your properties or use to verify your property satisfies platform requirements
  • Integration With All Major Platforms so all your property details and photos are automatically imported to the app
  • Calendar of All Upcoming Bookings so you can see at a glance which properties need a turnover, clean, or maintenance

No more worrying about how to handle all the details of short-term rental management. Our best practice checklists that have been tested at thousands of properties – and get great results.

How It Works

Review your cleaner’s work.

With Properly, you’ll be notified when your cleaner arrives (no more worrying about whether they’re on the job!) as well as when they finish tasks. You can also receive verification photos to show you that the job was done correctly.

In The App

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How is Properly different from a property management software?

Properly doesn’t help you get more bookings or manage them. Its sole purpose is to make sure that your property is serviced to the highest industry standard. It’s not easy to get every task in a short-term rental turnover done perfectly every time, and Properly’s proven to get a better result than a written checklist or relying on the cleaner’s memory to get the job done right.

How do I know the checklists cover everything I need to do?

Properly has sent tens of thousands of checklists worldwide, and incorporated standards from experts throughout the industry. With the advent of COVID-19, they’ve added standards from world-recognized authorities on disinfection, including WHO, to make sure that hosts can keep their guests safe. These protocols have been proven to provide the standard of cleanliness and presentation guests expect from short-term rentals, and they will help you ensure that you get that exceptional quality of turnover every time.