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[:en]The Kleenerly cofounders tried out quite a few different apps and platforms before deciding on their winner. “We quickly realized Properly was the perfect fit for our very specific needs and expectations.” Ease of onboarding, visual checklists that made it possible for any of Kleenerly’s turnover specialists to see exactly what was needed in each property, and real-time feedback were just a few of the reasons Ricardo and Annette credit Properly with a great deal of their success.[:]

[:en]The HOST was growing rapidly as a result of its outstanding and unique service and its partnership with Evolve Vacation Rental Network. As it grew, however, the New Orleans-based vacation rental service company started to have trouble managing its schedule across various service providers and channels. Here’s how The HOST implemented Properly to better coordinate service providers, streamline operations, and provide personalized experiences for EVERY guest. [:]

[:en]Since partnering with Properly, MetroButler has also expanded to more of New York’s boroughs including Queens and Brooklyn. They’ve also added Las Vegas, Nashville, and the Hamptons to their rental portfolio. As MetroButler further scale their business, Properly will continue to add new features to make managing their contractors easier.[:fr]Depuis son partenariat avec Properly, MetroButler s’est également étendue à d’autres quartiers de New York, dont le Queens et Brooklyn. Elle a aussi ajouté Las Vegas, Nashville, et les Hamptons à son portefeuille de locations. Comme MetroButler prend davantage d’ampleur, Properly continuera à ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour rendre sa gestion des prestataires plus facile.[:it]Da quando collabora con Properly, MetroButler si è inoltre espansa in altri quartieri di New York, tra cui il Queens e Brooklyn. Ha inserito Las Vegas, Nashville e gli Hamptons al propri portafoglio di immobili in affitto. Con l’ulteriore crescita delle attività di MetroButler, Properly continuerà ad aggiungere nuove funzione per rendere più semplice la gestione dei suoi collaboratori esterni.[:es]Desde que se alió con Properly, MetroButler también ha se ha expandido a más distritos de Nueva York, incluyendo Queens y Brooklyn. También han añadido a Las Vegas, Nashville y los Hamptons a su portafolios de alquileres. A medida que MetroButler aumente más su negocio, Properly seguirá añadiendo nuevas características para facilitar la gestión de sus contratistas.[:]

[:en]“Ultimately, all of this improved efficiency is helping us to scale more quickly and improve our topline revenue. We estimate that our profitability has increased by at least 10% as a direct result of Properly.”[:fr]“Enfin, toute cette efficacité améliorée nous aide à évoluer plus rapidement et à améliorer nos revenus bruts. Nous estimons que notre profitabilité a augmenté d’au moins 10% grâce à Properly.”[:it]“Infine, tutto questo miglioramento dell’efficienza ci sta aiutando a crescere più velocemente e a migliorare i nostri ricavi complessivi. Stimiamo che la nostra redditività sia aumentata di almeno il 10% come risultato diretto di Properly.”[:es]“En definitiva, toda esta mejora en la eficiencia nos está ayudando a avanzar más rápidamente y a aumentar nuestros ingresos. Estimamos que nuestra rentabilidad se ha incrementado al menos un 10% como resultado directo de Properly.”[:]

[:en]The partnership with Properly has allowed Guesthop to expand and evolve seamlessly. And when reflecting on the journey it’s been –– and what’s to come –– Emily takes solace in the fact that “Properly just makes everything way more simple.”[:fr]Le partenariat avec Properly a permis à Guesthop de se développer et évoluer sans problème. Et, lorsqu’elle réfléchit au parcours effectué –– et à venir –– Emily trouve réconfortant le fait que “Properly rende tout beaucoup plus simple.”[:it]La collaborazione con Properly ha permesso a Guesthop di espandersi ed evolversi senza difficoltà. Quando ripensa al percorso che fatto – e a quello da fare – Emily trova conforto nel fatto che “Properly rende ogni cosa molto più semplice.”[:es]La asociación con Properly ha permitido que Guesthop se expanda y evolucione sin problemas. Y cuando reflexiona sobre el recorrido que ha pasado, y en lo que está por venir, Emily siente alivio por el hecho de que “Properly simplemente hace que todo sea mucho más sencillo”.[:]