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By Properly / Dec 22, 2017

Creating collaborative partnerships with your cleaning team is essential. Two simple ways to do that are by showing appreciation and providing feedback. Service providers have told us it’s helpful and desired.

“My clients are amazing with their feedback to me and their expression of appreciation.”

Tessa P
Hospitality Service Provider, Seattle WA

Now, Properly offers an easy way to do both with a simple thumbs up – thumbs down feature.

When you review your service provider’s verification photos from finished jobs, you can give a quick thumbs up to let them know their work is appreciated and that the job has been done to your liking. If something isn’t quite right, you can offer helpful feedback so they are clear about your expectations in the future. You can also see when a provider has viewed your feedback.

It’s just one more way we’re making your operations more efficient and streamlined toward your goal of picture perfect changeovers.

Now go show some love and give a thumbs up.

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