“Top 10” Guide Ideas for Property Managers

By Tammi Sims / Jul 25, 2017

Here’s a long list of some “Top 10” Guide ideas for your customized Guest Guides. Use ideas from this list or add your own. Add lists that reflect activities in your area.
Here are 2 ways to use the lists.

    1. If you have an employee or owner who has a deep passion for an activity or interest, assign an entire Top 10 list to them. Every idea will be theirs. As an example, if owner Joe is an architect, ask Joe to create the Top 10 Architectural Wonders list in your city.


  1. Send out Top 10 lists to all employees and owners who wish to participate. This will generate a Top 10 list with multiple contributors.

Bonus Ideas:

Ask owners to create walking tours from their homes. Include this walking tour in the property’s guest guide.

We had such a great time dreaming up this list for you. Have fun and we’d love to hear your stories or read one of your lists. You can send them to tammi@getproperly.com.
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