Be Like Lily: Use Properly to build your business

By Properly / Apr 12, 2018

Hi! Lily here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia.

As one of the top-performing hospitality cleaning providers on Properly, you could say I’m a fan! I’d like to share how I used Properly to build and transform my business.

A Properly Success Story

Two years ago, I fell into Airbnb and short stay servicing by accident.
I was behind on my rent and had no way of putting food on the table for myself and two kids. Feeling desperate, I joined a job task listing website to look for basic jobs. After submitting to various cleaning tasks on the website, I got my first client. Then another. And another.
Then one of my clients asked if I could service their home whilst they were away and renting it to travelers on Airbnb. Because Airbnb was new to me, they explained that I’d be remaking beds and cleaning houses after each guest stay.
Not long after, a client told me about Properly. I registered, learned how to use it, and quickly fell in love with the app. Now, I’m the world’s highest client holder on Properly (with plans to expand even more).

Properly Perks for Service Providers

Properly is my mobile buddy.
It tells me who my next client is and reminds me of the time for my next servicing. It asks if I’ve completed my checklists and whether my latest job is finished. And it is an effective calendar of all my clients’ servicing, rolled into one.
Properly offers support with images of the clients’ property and requirements, plus checklists of important tasks (which, of course, change from client to client).
It adds value by allowing my clients to write me specific notes for the day and/or instructions for ongoing tasks.
Most of all, it’s an asset and an investment into efficiency and good servicing practice for both the client and the service provider.
Properly has increased both the volume of my business, but also the efficiently and quality I can deliver for my clients – I’m confident it can do the same for you.
Happy bookings!

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