How Much Should You Charge for Vacation Rental Cleaning?

What's a good rate for a vacation rental cleaning? Property managers and service providers should read our in-depth guide on how to set rates in every area!


Housekeeping Tidbits

A housekeepers world is full of all sorts of tidbits of knowledge and common issues. Here is some knowledge we can use to be successful housekeepers. We need to know what causes and to fix Blackfoot Syndrome, why cleaning with micro fiber rags is the best, how to properly clean...


Introducing the new mobile calendar

Properly’s community of users ranges from single property owners to multi-property managers. We heard from all users that they wanted to be able to use Properly from their computer – so we created the web app and we knew it would be particularly helpful for property managers. However, we noticed...


Properly Integrates with BookingSync Property Management System to Offer An All-Inclusive Changeover Management Solution

At Properly, we are always looking for smart collaborators, so when we met BookingSync Founder and CEO, Sébastien Grosjean at the Vacation Rental World Summit, we knew right away we wanted to partner. Séb comes from a family of vacation rental owners and managers and we admire his history, depth...


Properly, The Only Cleaning and Changeover Management Solution for Vacation Rentals, Launches!

Today is a proud day at Properly. For more than a year, our tiny but mighty team has been gathering feedback from our generous customers, releasing new features, and improving the product. We are thrilled to launch Properly’s solution for managing changeover and housekeeping operations to the global community of...


How Properly Saved A Superhost from a Stinky Dog Dilemma

Meet Barkley! Barkley is Alex, our founder’s, dog and everyone at Properly’s favorite furry friend. He’s cute and cuddly but like most dogs, he can be smelly at times. When Alex travels, he rents his Noe Valley, San Francisco house to guests on Airbnb. And although he clearly mentions that...


10 Vacation Rental Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Like many vacation rental owners, one of my biggest sources of pride is positive reviews. Reviews that mention my rental’s cleanliness really make me do a happy dance because I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the process. Now I’ll share some of those processes with the Properly audience! Often...


I Hired Strangers to Do My Airbnb Turnover Cleaning When I Was Out of Town. Here’s How it Went.

Guest post by: Tammi Sims of A Gracious Host and the Remote Superhost Series. I’m a stickler for details and a perfectionist when it comes to preparing my home for Airbnb guests. I would say it’s a common trait among those of us who covet our reputations as hosts and...


Introducing Text Slides & Template Slides

We are firm believers in “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but we also recognize that should not limit how other vacation rental owners and home-sharing hosts convey their particular hospitality needs to cleaners and housekeepers. That’s why we have added two new kinds of slides you can use...


Properly Quick Tip: Send a job request to multiple cleaners at once for the fastest response

Many of us have struggled with contacting a cleaner for an emergency cleaning, having them decline, then contacting the next, and so on. When your window for a turnover cleaning is very tight and you’re in a bind you need to book a cleaner immediately. Sending a job request to...


Before You Hire a Cleaner for a Vacation Rental Make Sure You Know the Differences Between Residential and Hospitality Cleanings

The success of your changeover cleanings affects the success of your own short term or vacation rental business. Why? Because the first physical experience a guest has is observing how clean and well prepared the rental is when they walk in. First impressions last the longest and more often than...


“Follow the Wall”: The Foundational Cleaning Procedure That Ensures Every Changeover Is A Complete Success

One of the foundational pieces of an outstanding housekeeping routine is the discipline to follow the wall. When I learned this principle it was a professional life changing experience and I encourage you to follow it as well for ultimate success in your turnovers. This principle has served me well when...


Pro[perly] Tip for Hosts on the Go

We’re super excited to offer a great host tool that’s part of Airbnb’s Host Assist program. Properly’s visual checklist lets you convey all your turnover and hospitality instructions to the people (e.g. service professionals) you hire to ensure your place is in tip-top condition for your guest check-ins. As a...


Properly Visual Checklist Tool Soft Launches

After more than a year of non-stop development and private trials, Properly is proud to announce our soft launch to hosts and homeowners everywhere. Now everyone can download our visual checklist app that gives hosts peace of mind their details were taken care of and their house properly cleaned before...


Feedback & Pro Tips from Properly’s Trial Members

We’re developing the perfect tool to simplify guest turnovers. It’s a visual checklist app that utilizes the power of photos and the ease of drag and drop task pins to convey cleaning instructions and unique touches of hospitality to cleaners. For the past several months, we’ve been running a trial...


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