Small Feature, Big Impact: Location Services Lets You See if Service Providers Were On the Job Site When They Started the Job

Bonus! Service Providers who consistently Start and Finish the job on location benefit from higher rankings in the Communie bénéficient d'un classement plus élevé suty Service Provider Marketplace

By Properly / Mar 9, 2017

Our latest feature displays whether a service provider was at the correct location when they tapped ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ on a Properly job. This not only lets hosts and property managers stay in the loop on the progress of their jobs, but it also improves the score of the Service Provider.
Community Service Providers who consistently start jobs at the right location gain a higher ranking in the list of Community Service Providers that hosts and property managers see when they send job requests.
This feature only works if a Service Provider has Location Services enabled for Properly. If not, a gray question mark with the hover message “We cannot verify the location of the Service Provider” appears in its place. If the Provider was more than 0.2 miles (~322 meters) away from the address of the job at the time they tapped “start Job’ then a red “X” appears with the hover message “Service Provider has location Services turned on and was not at the correct location.

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