Properly, The Only Cleaning and Changeover Management Solution for Vacation Rentals, Launches!

By Properly / Feb 8, 2017

Today is a proud day at Properly. For more than a year, our tiny but mighty team has been gathering feedback from our generous customers, releasing new features, and improving the product. We are thrilled to launch Properly’s solution for managing changeover and housekeeping operations to the global community of vacation rental owners, home-sharing hosts, and property managers.
From our own experience as Airbnb Superhosts, we know first-hand that cleaning and preparation of our vacation rentals is an essential component to successful hosting. Most importantly it’s essential to guest satisfaction. Input from property managers confirms that they share the same challenges at scale.
Property managers and hosts alike shared the frustration of archaic and cumbersome methods of scheduling, communicating changeover instructions, and having to rely on time consuming inspections to ensure brand and hospitality standards. Clearly the vacation rental and home sharing industry needed a better answer. And Properly is just that.
Our set of tools increase efficiency and help deliver a better guest experience. How?

Our goal is to provide a solution, option, and subscription that works for everyone from individual owners to the most sophisticated multi-listing property manager.
For the casual occasional Airbnb host or owner, we’re offering a free basic option to simplify changeovers and make it possible to maintain standards while operating a listing from anywhere in the world.
Professional property managers can take advantage of property management system (PMS) integration, sophisticated scheduling tools, and dedicated set-up and support services.

How Properly started

Properly was created by San Francisco Superhost, Alex Nigg, who needed to remotely manage changeovers between guests when he traveled between his second property in New Zealand, his hometown in northern Italy, and the United States.
While on the road, Alex tried everything to manage guest operations, maintain his 5-star rating and track when his house was guest ready to the high standard he wanted to provide for his guests.
Incessant calls and texts to and from cleaners were not only expensive but also time consuming for both parties. Paper checklists helped to a degree, but were cumbersome for service providers and never guaranteed they understood his expectations or what his home should look like when the job was done.
“As an Airbnb superhost, I experienced first-hand the challenge of managing changeovers. I wanted everything to be perfect for my guests and there just wasn’t an efficient or reliable way to do that. ,” says Alex, Founder and CEO.
“Talking to other hosts and property managers, I learned my experience was shared by the industry so I set out to create a solution. Properly enables hosts and property managers to scale their businesses and raise their service level.”
“For years I’ve coached my housekeeping staff to do things the way I liked them done. You could call that being finicky, but if you are a dedicated VR owner, you know what I mean,” said leading property manager Heather Bayer, the author of Renting For Profit and
“Thanks to Properly, the uncertainties about how your place looks when a guest walks in are a thing of the past.”
And thanks to our growing network of hosts who share resources with other hosts, over 7,000 property managers and hosts in over 50 countries are currently using Properly. These property managers and hosts now manage cleaning and turnover operations for over 21,000 listings! If you’re interested in testing the changeover tool for yourself, sign up for free on our website

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