Properly offers an efficient solution for when you need a cleaner NOW!

By Properly / Feb 13, 2018

There are times when we need a cleaner urgently. Luckily, Properly offers a solution for that. There are loads of reasons, but here are just a few. Can you relate with any of these?

Sending a job to multiple service providers at the same time tends to get a job filled quickly – in particular when you include cleaners from our marketplace to increase the number of providers you send the job to. This increases efficiency, saves time and gets the job filled for you.

Here’s how it works.

When you are sending the job, select as many providers as you wish. This can include all of your providers as well as cleaners from the marketplace. When one of them accepts the job, the others will be notified that it’s been taken. We’ve seen that providers tend to accept jobs more quickly when they know they’ve got competition.
You can also deploy this feature after you’ve already sent a job, but not received a reply from the provider you sent it to. Simply re-open the jobs and use the Send to More Providers button to add to the distribution list for this job.

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