Properly Now Integrates with Guesty!

By Properly / Jun 26, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that Properly now integrates with Guesty – a leading property management platform for Airbnb hosts. Like us, Guesty believes that hosts and property managers need the best tools possible to grow as our industry becomes more competitive. And integrations between leading solutions create excellence in every area of a PM’s operation. Now Properly users can connect their Guesty account to import their properties, listing photos, and reservations to make managing changeover services much more efficient.
With their PMS, Guesty has developed industry-leading automation tools to manage personal interaction with hundreds of guests at once, so we are thrilled that our users can directly integrate with their Guesty account to use Properly for task creation and management.
If you are a Guesty customer you can connect your account to Properly by following the instructions below:
On the Connected Accounts page find Guesty and click Connect. You will be directed to a page that tells you to reach out to us directly to initiate the connection. Please include in your message to or via chat on our website:


Here’s how to find your API Key and Secret.
Then we will take the next steps to connect your accounts and follow up with directions.

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