Properly Interfaces with HomeAway Software

And 21 Other PMS To Make Our Tools A More Integral Part of PM Operations

By Properly / Feb 24, 2017

While Airbnb hosts and VRBO owners give Properly stellar reviews for cleaning and turnover management, professional property managers have been quick to remind us that their businesses are particularly complicated. Changeovers and cleaning management are a challenge for bookings from all channels, not just Airbnb and HomeAway / VRBO.
“Can’t you play nicely with our PMS?” they would ask us. And most often, the PMS referred to was Escapia or V12, flagship products from industry leader HomeAway Software.
Today, we’re delighted to share the news that we returned to that kindergarten truism: playing well with others is a great way to make friends.
For all those Escapia and V12 users, Properly is now tight with HomeAway Software; a direct API connection makes Properly’s cleaning and turnover management tools a seamless extension of your PMS.
These PMS interfaces make the Properly product even more effective by raising the bar on cleaning and changeover quality and easing scheduling and operations.
API access ensures that Properly’s visual checklists are built on the same listing photography displayed to guests in the reservation process. As a result, cleaners and service providers know the exact expectations set with guests and can match these expectations in their cleaning and turnover process. And a booking feed from the PMS into Properly makes it easy to schedule jobs and manage turnover operations. Properly’s founder and CEO Alex Nigg notes,

“Professional property managers have raved about the ease of Properly’s mobile-first tools and power of the smartphone camera for managing the cleaning and turnover process.”
“But they also made it clear that, to be a professional grade tool, Properly needed to integrate with their core management systems. Today we’re thrilled to answer that challenge with these integrations.”

Properly’s PMS interfaces allow it to serve over 1 million vacation rental and home sharing listings. Direct API access with industry leader HomeAway Software, including its V12 and Escapia software suites, as well as BookingSync and Orbirental, make for seamless integration with these platforms. And iCal interfaces allow Properly to support an 19 additional PMS providers.
And to support partners where we don’t yet have a direct API, we’re excited to release iCal support! iCal is a standard format used by many PMS and channel managers to publish reservation data.
For Properly, this makes scheduling cleaning and turnovers a snap, because all booking data is integrated from your PMS or channel manager.
By our count, 19 PMS and channel managers already support this format, which means Properly can serve over 1 million vacation rental and home sharing listings.

How to connect your Escapia or V12.NET account to Properly:

Reach out to us at or via chat so we can enable Escapia/V12 for you. Please include in your message:
• Your Properly username or account email
• Specify whether you’re using Escapia or V12.NET
• Name of your Escapia or V12.NET account
From there we will start the process of connecting your accounts and follow up with the next steps for you to take.

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