Trust But Verify – Best Practices for Ensuring Top-Quality Cleaning

The quality of our cleaning teams can make or break your vacation rental business, and the work they do arguably makes the biggest impression on your guests.
The quality of our cleaning teams can make or break our vacation rental businesses, and the work they do arguably makes the biggest impression on our guests.

You can have amazing properties, and your reservations team can do a stellar job of being attentive to guests, preparing them for their vacation, and building their anticipation of a great stay.

However, all of that is likely to be forgotten immediately if a guest checks into a home that does not meet their expectations and it’s up to your cleaning team to prevent that from happening.  

When Cleaning Isn’t Just Cleaning

For vacation rentals, “cleaning” means far more than just changing sheets or scrubbing toilets.  In our industry, “cleaning” encompasses all the things that show guests you care about the details and are attuned to their needs.

This means effective staging: are the beds made with hospital corners? Is the toilet paper folded into your signature display? Are the cushions arranged with care and precision? When all the visible elements of the property are presented flawlessly, guests will be confident that you’ve taken care of all the less conspicuous details as well.

On the flipside, if the property is not cleaned to your standards, or if the staging doesn’t match the listing photos, it will erode a guest’s trust in you and your brand. Disappointed guests will likely leave poor reviews and they most certainly won’t be keen to rebook with you in the future.

It is essential that customers’ expectations match the reality of the product – and that reality must be of impeccable quality. Which means it’s essential you build a rock-solid partnership with your cleaning team.

Inspect every property after every cleaning?

Many property managers mitigate the risk of an unprepared property by having every property inspected after every cleaning. However, in a world of shrinking margins for property managers, physical inspections are unrealistic, inefficient and costly for most property managers.

We recently spoke to a property manager who was not only paying for the inspector’s time, but also hundreds of dollars in mileage reimbursement month after month! What’s more, if an inspector arrives at a property to find it hasn’t been prepared properly, they often only have a brief window of time to fix the problem before guests arrive. 

In our experience, the most successful property managers aren’t the ones footing the bills for regular physical inspections. Successful vacation rental managers take steps to prevent inferior cleanings from happening in the first place, and they take a far more modern, efficient, and cost-effective approach to quality control.

Here’s how you can establish trust with your frontline cleaning team and seamlessly verify their work.

  1. Establish clear operating standards Trust is built through knowing that you are aligned with your team about the level of standards and quality for your guests. “I trust Susan because I know she thinks like I do.”  One PM we know said that during a water shortage, her provider independently picked up bottled water for the guests. That’s when this property manager knew her vision and values were shared with her team, and she didn’t have to worry about her standards not being met.
  2. Foster a sense of shared ownership of the guest experience The best property managers see their cleaners as partners, not just employees. Encourage your cleaning team to take ownership of the service quality and the impact it has on guests. Invested cleaners will pay attention to details and make the extra effort to ensure a 5-star guest experience.

  3. Monitor guest reviews – When you first begin working with a new service provider, track your guest reviews and cleaning ratings to see how guests indirectly rate your provider’s performance.  Obviously, it’s always best to catch issues before guests check in, but reviews make for a great last line of defense.

  4. Share those reviews Make a habit of sharing positive reviews with service providers. It’s a good practice and reinforces a job well done. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to build that shared sense of ownership we mentioned. Pay attention to how cleaners react to the reviews. If they are delighted by the feedback, it’s a good sign that your service provider feels a connection to the work and to your guests. People perform better when they like the work they do and take pride and satisfaction in delivering magic to your guests.

  5. Feedback on feedback Equally, it’s important to monitor how service providers respond to constructive criticism. Have you ever given helpful feedback only to be met with excuses, indifference or the equivalent of an eye roll? This could be an indication that the provider doesn’t have the internal motivation to excel and perform the job to your standards. This is the kind of provider you will likely always have challenges with and to whom it would be very difficult to entrust your business and your guests.

  6. Use Verification Photos – Rather than sending out an inspector to assess cleaning quality, use Properly to request instant verification photos directly from your service providers. Photos help you ensure the property is staged precisely to your standards – and it lets you do it in near real-time, without the cost or hassle of physical inspections.


Properly is designed to enhance communication and trust between owners and property managers and their service providers, and offers a variety of tools for seamless quality assurance. Want to learn more? Speak to the Properly team about how our tools can streamline your changeover process. 

Properly Service Provider Profile – Carlos Vasquez

carols profile card - shadow
Carlos’ cleaning company – Hostable Hospitality – is new to the scene, but it is already the #1 ranked service provider on Properly in Austin. Carlos and his team are taking Texas by storm, currently branching out into Houston. We caught up with him to learn how he got into the biz, and how he is using Properly to help drive his company’s success.
Properly: So tell us, Carlos, what drew you to the hospitality cleaning industry?
Carlos: There’s this great book, it’s called the Go-Giver. It talks about being someone who provides value to others, and that really resonated with me. With the help of a friend, I initially started an office and student accommodation cleaning company because it allowed me – as a single dad – to bring my son with me to clean. That was a lot of fun.
Fast forward a bit and I started to briefly host on Airbnb myself. I got to thinking about how I could provide more value to guests, and the idea struck me: a dedicated hospitality cleaning company. Hostable Hospitality was born!
Properly: Would you say that vacation rental cleanings differ much from residential cleaning jobs?
Carlos: Absolutely! In my opinion, they are totally different. We don’t do very many residential cleanings, but when we do, no two are ever the same. Going into a vacation rental cleaning, you know there are always certain things that will need to be done; the predictability makes it a very straightforward experience for us.
Properly: So it’s safe to say that you prefer VR cleaning?
Carlos: For sure. Even before talking to a homeowner, we typically have a good expectation of what we’ll need to do. It gives us a lot more confidence and enables us to do a better job every time.
Properly: What would you say are the most important characteristics of a great VR cleaner?
Carlos: Efficiency, organization and integrity! When we first started interviewing cleaners, this was a hump we had to overcome. Some cleaners were only used to cleaning residential properties, so there was a learning curve; teaching them what to prioritize and what details to look for.
Properly: And how does Properly fit into your business?
Carlos: We joined the Properly app back in January and we’ve had tremendous success with it. I’d recommend it to anybody looking to start a cleaning company or find a side-gig.
The checklists and pictures are the most useful features in my experience. What I’ve found is that hosts want to set all expectations up front, and then take a fairly hands-off approach. With Properly’s visual checklists, it’s easy for them to communicate requirements; and instant photo verification lets us hold ourselves accountable. The relationship is completely transparent and there is rarely any level of miscommunication. I love that.
Properly: Hostable Hospitality is growing fast! Has Properly played a role in that growth?
Carlos: Definitely. Properly enables us to put our company and our services right in front of the hosts and property managers that we want to work with. It’s a fantastic marketing opportunity. I love when somebody new find us through Properly – and that happens quite a bit!
Properly: What advice would you give to other cleaners working in this sector?
Carlos: Always communicate. Ask your client what you can be doing better. The worst thing that can happen is to lose a client because you weren’t clear on their expectations. Check in with them periodically to make sure they’re happy with your services.
And I’d give the same advice to hosts and property managers. Give honest and consistent feedback to your service providers – we aren’t mind readers!

Give honest and consistent feedback to your service providers using Properly!
Give honest and consistent feedback to your service providers using Properly!

Properly: You’re currently listed as the #1 service provider in Austin. What’s the key to your success?
Carlos: I think it’s persistence. We are working extremely hard on marketing our services and getting out there to get new clients.
Properly: Thanks so much for sharing your insight. Before we finish, it’d be great to learn a little more about you. So, if you could be a guest at a vacation rental in any destination, where would you want to go?
Carlos: Australia! I’ve heard and read so many great things about it, it one place I look forward to visiting.
Properly: As a pro, when you stay at a vacation rental guest, what are the things you look for?
Carlos: I think it’s easy to tell when hosts go the extra mile. I check to see if, for example, the towels and toilet paper are neatly folded. Details like that instantly show me that this host cares.
Properly: What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Carlos: Working with people for people. I love that we get to help create memorable experiences for guests.
Properly: And last but not least, what would you say is your cleaning superpower?
Carlos: Supervision! I can’t see through walls, but I can see every tiny little hair in bathrooms and on beds!

Monitor cleaning quality with photo verification, time tracking and geolocation

You hardly need us to tell you that, in this industry, presentation is everything. If you want to be sure that your service providers are meeting your expectations and staging your properties to perfection, quality assurance is key but physical inspections are far from an effective use of your time or resources.
Instead, you can use Properly to track cleaning quality seamlessly and cost-effectively. Here’s how:

  • Provide clear guidance Pictures bring your brand standards to life: the appropriate staging of towels, the perfectly stocked and arranged guest amenity kit, or the positioning of pillows on a couch. Use visual checklists to make your brand standards clear to cleaners and field staff as they do their work.
    provide clear guidance


  • Verification photos You can request as many verification photos of the completed job as you wish. As soon as verification photos are taken, you can view those photos to ensure your property has been staged to your standards. verification photo


  • On site, on time When your service provider arrives at your property and starts the job, you can receive a notification, if you choose. Furthermore, when they use location services, we’ll let you know they are at the correct address.
    Job summary - location service


  • Less haste An occasional frustration we hear is that providers rush through a job, and risk missing important details. We use the providers’ start and finish time to report the duration of the job to you.
    Job summary - on time


  • Track completion When we have guests checking in, it’s stressful to wonder whether a provider has a property guest-ready on time. Through Properly you can see when a job is finished and opt to receive a notification.
    job finished notification


  • Send feedback Use our thumbs up/down and feedback feature on verification photos to provide input to your provider about whether your standards were met.

Housekeeping Tidbits

A housekeepers world is full of all sorts of tidbits of knowledge and common issues. Here is some knowledge we can use to be successful housekeepers. We need to know what causes and to fix Blackfoot Syndrome, why cleaning with micro fiber rags is the best, how to properly clean mold and mildew, and know how effective the cleaning products are at killing microbes.

Blackfoot Syndrome

Many of us have received the following call from a guest or owner “the floors in my property are filthy! My family and I have been walking around this home and our socks (or feet) are jet black!” Yes, this comment can be avoided with some basic information.


Blackfeet Syndrome is caused by two things:

  1. A non-neutral cleaner is used to clean the floors and/or
  2. To much cleaner is put on the surface and all the cleaner is not all mopped up or removed. The product stays on the surface grabs the dirt and waits to be picked up. The sock or foot comes by and the cleaner attaches to this item and now you have Blackfeet Syndrome.

To avoid this situation you need to do the following:

  1. Use a neutral cleaner. That is a cleaner with a ph of 7 (not 6.8 or 7.2 it must be a ph of 7)
  2. In the off season do a thorough cleaning of the hard surfaces to remove all the excess cleaner that is left during the hight season. The excess product on the floor can be left by guests, owners, and housekeepers who use the wrong product to clean the floor. All of this needs to be removed so the housekeepers have a clean slate to work with.



Rags are the tool used to move the cleaning agents around and remove the dirt. I recommend using microfiber rags. They are much better at holding dirt that a cotton rag. A micro fiber rag has all sorts of nooks and crannies to hold and store dirt. There are a couple things you need to know about micro fiber rags. They are:

  1. You want to purchase the micro fiber rags that grab the imperfections in your skin
  2. Do not wash with cotton rags. The lint from the cotton rag will fill the nooks and crannies of the micro fiber rag.
  3. Do not wash with fabric softener. The softer fills the nooks and crannies so the product feels smooth.

One other comment about rags. Once a rag touches the toilet it is done. I know this sounds basic and there are cleaners make this mistake. They think that I have cleaned the toilet with a large amount of disinfectant it is okay to clean the kitchen counter. NOOOO!!!!! Once a rag has touched the toilet it is done.

Mold and Mildew

Some parts of the world have a bigger issue with mold and mildew than others. All of us have bathrooms that are not well ventilated and there is mold growing in the corners of the shower. To address the mold issue we need to remember that mold and mildew are spores not bacteria. (This is super important to know.) To appropriately remove mold and mildew one needs a product specifically for mold and mildew. Bleach is not the product. Bleach kills bacteria, not spores. However, if a guest calls and complains about mold in the shower, I am showing up with bleach because it takes away the color and it gives the appearance that I have removed the mold and mildew. I have not, I have only removed the color. Once the guest or owner has departed, I came back with the appropriate product to remove the mold and mildew.

When it’s not a “hot turn” – schedule jobs with flexible start time

Hot turn, same-day flip, high priority changeover…all phrases that mean the same thing – current guests are checking out and new guests are checking in on the same day, sometimes with a tight window of time!
Other times, we get a breather and might have a day or more in between reservations. For these jobs, we want you to be able to give your service providers a window of time to complete the job.

Here are some benefits of using flexible start time:

  • It gives service providers flexibility to prioritize those hot turns, same-day flips and high priority changeovers.
  • It allows your service providers to determine when the job fits into their schedule, often increasing the possibility they can say yes to your job request.
  • It gives your service providers autonomy and demonstrates your trust in them.

To use this feature, you’ll select the time the property is available as the start time, and the time the property needs to be ready as your finish time. Then set the duration of the job.

A use case

Here’s an example: A guest, Jane, is checking out on Monday at 10AM. The next guest, Saru, doesn’t arrive until Wednesday at 4PM. The job takes 2 hours.
use case

  1. Set start time to Monday at 10AM
  2. Set finish time to Wednesday at 4PM
  3. Set job duration to 2 hours

Your service provider will see that the job has a flexible start time and know that the 2 hour job can be done anytime in the window you provided.

Learn how to schedule a job with a flexible start time

Music: The upside of listening while you work & a Properly Playlist

On a whim last month, we asked our service providers if they listened to music while they work. And if so, we were curious about their favorite songs. It started as a playful curiosity and the response was overwhelming. We discovered that most service providers do play music while they work, while some use the time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. A few of you love to work in peace and quiet. Ahhh.
This question and your response got us thinking. Does music increase enjoyment and productivity while preparing homes for guests? Research seems to suggest it does! It elevates one’s mood and efficiency – in particular when it is music that is familiar to you. We also have a suspicion that it leaves an extra sparkle in the homes you make guest-ready.

Properly Playlist

We created a playlist of musical selections from our US and Canadian service providers. You can use your Spotify account to listen. (If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can create a free one.)
Here it is. Enjoy, and while you do, imagine all of the homes globally that are being prepared for guests by this valued community of service providers – as they rock out to their favorite songs.
1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber

Twentynine Palms, CA USA

Adelaide, Australia

2. Loco – Enrique Iglesias & Romeo Santos

Dallas, TX USA

3. Glorious – Macklemore & Skylar Grey

Ottawa, ON Canada

4. Suavecito – Malo

Los Angeles, CA USA

5. Work It – Missy Elliot

Destin, FL USA

6. Shut Up & Dance – Walk The Moon

Bobby, New York, NY USA

7. Let It Go – Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliot $ Lil’ Kim

Chicago, IL USA

8. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

New York (Brooklyn), NY USA

9. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

St Louis, MO USA

10. No Peace – Sam Smith & YEBBA

Oklahoma City, OK USA

11. Kiss – Prince

Seattle, WA USA

Ottawa, ON Canada

12. Chandelier – Sia

Toronto, ON Canada

13. Clean Up Woman – Betty Wright

Atlanta, GA USA

14. Hello – Adele

Rosa and Mariana
Los Angeles, CA USA

15. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Temecula, CA USA

Coming next: Playlist from our Australia and New Zealand service provider community.


Creating a great profile

Finding an experienced service provider who understands the vacation rental industry is one of the biggest challenges for individual owners and property managers. They are your potential clients! Our mission at Properly is to provide an efficient way for them to find and hire YOU through our marketplace. We know many service providers who have built thriving businesses by participating in our marketplace. You can read Lily’s story here.
So, when they come looking, you want to ensure you have a great profile and stand out from your competition. Here are our insider tips.

Be first in the list!

Be first in the list! This could be you!
Be first in the list! This could be you!

Clients want to hire the best. If you’re first on the list, they’ll assume the best is you.

The factors that impact your ranking

We won’t keep it a secret – here are the factors that impact your ranking.

  • Number of jobs completed using Properly. The more jobs you complete, the higher you rank. So, the next time a client wants to send you a text to schedule you for a job, let them know you’d prefer to have them schedule through Properly. Not only does that help you rank higher, it also provides all the benefits to you and your client including you receiving clear job instructions and your client getting notifications when you’ve started and completed the job. That’s peace of mind.
  • Completion of checklist tasks and verification photos.
  • Your rehire rate. Do clients love your work and trust you to prepare their home for guests? If they rehire you, that tells us the answer is yes.
  • Acceptance Rate. How many of those job from new clients do you accept? If the answer is not that many, it’s an indication to us that your business may be at capacity at the moment.
  • Response Time: How quickly do you respond to clients? Often hosts and property managers are busy with loads of items to take care. Being able to check the box to having jobs scheduled is important to them.
  • Response Rate: Any time a client sends you a job, it is REALLY important to respond to the job – even if you can’t or don’t want to accept it. Nobody likes to be left hanging.
  • Accuracy: Are you a service provider who shows up on time? We like that. And we know potential clients do too.

Want to view your stats? You can. In the app, you can view your stats to see how you rank against service providers in your area. Just use the Stats tab. Note that only YOU see your stats. They are not visible to current or potential clients.

How to create a great profile

Create a great profile. Here’s how.

  • Use a great photo. This tip seems obvious, but we see lots of profile photos and you’d be surprised about what people choose. Remember that this is not a social media site, but rather a mini-resume so use a photo that is professional and is a picture of you. (Preferably without sunglasses or far away.) If you have a cleaning company, we recommend that you use a photo of yourself rather than a company logo.
  • Add a bio. You can include information such as skills, experience, rates, policies and hours. We also encourage you to share a bit of information about yourself and what you like about the work you do. Pay attention to details such as grammar and spelling – people notice those details and they matter. (If you’d like help with your bio, reach out to us. We’re happy to help – we want you to be successful!)
  • Add service tags. On Properly, you can offer more services than simply cleaning such as meet & greet, key exchange or maintenance.
  • Keep your profile up to date. This includes participating in the marketplace. You can always opt in and out of the marketplace. It is important that if you don’t want to receive jobs for a period of time, that you remove yourself from the marketplace.

Here’s an example of a service provider we love.
service provider profile
Pro Tip #1: Be sure to set your notifications so that when those new clients send you jobs, you get a notification. It would be a shame to get job offers you never know about.
Pro Tip #2: Clients have the option to send the same job to multiple service providers. When they do that, the first provider to accept the job gets it. So be quick!

Our best practice advice for managing service providers

Last month, we gave you our tips for finding, vetting, and hiring the perfect service providers for your properties – but hiring new cleaners is only half the task. If you really want to make the most out of your service providers, you need to manage them effectively. Cleaner management is one of the most critical elements of your operation and mastering it will yield tremendous benefits for your business.
At Properly, we’re lucky enough to work with world-class hosts and service providers on a daily basis, and we’ve learned that good cleaner management is all about creating collaborative partnerships. Here are the insights we’ve gathered:

Provide ongoing training

Even if you hire someone with experience in the cleaning business, they might not be familiar with all the quirks of hospitality cleaning, and they most certainly won’t be familiar with your or your client’s homes. What’s more, perhaps you have properties that require less common cleaning techniques or equipment (for example, Alex, our founder and an Airbnb Superhost, keeps a steam cleaner at home that his service providers sometimes need to use to deal with dog-related incidents).
Ongoing training helps ensure your cleaners always have all the skills and expertise they need to take the best care of your properties. Specific areas of focus for your training should include:

Property Staging

Compare these two beds; which one feels like a luxury, hospitality experience?
bedroom photos
Skillful staging makes a huge difference in guest perceptions. Educating cleaners on how to effectively stage your listings is essential to raising quality and guest satisfaction. Pay particular attention to:

  • Toiletries, towels and blankets on a bed
  • Cushions and soft decorative pillow on a couch
  • Towels and washcloths in bathrooms
  • Speciality items such as a welcome basket, a note or flowers
  • Setting the mood for a warm welcome with specific lights to be left on for guest arrival

Properly Visual Checklists – they’re essentially on-the-job training every time. And if you like how one cleaner arranges a room, you can use photos from that job in your next checklist to show other cleaners exactly how to stage a part of the home in future.

Attention to detail in high-visibility areas

For hospitality cleaners, attention to detail is crucial in preparing a listing for guests. In fact, there’s a whole array of requirements for VR cleaning that don’t even factor into an ordinary residential clean – things that cleaners new to short term rentals might overlook. Make sure that your service providers remember to:

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Check dressers, drawers and under beds for misplaced or forgotten items
  • Make a final sweep for hair in places like bathtubs, sinks and beds

Getting the details right is the essence of hospitality – and details are easy to overlook. All it takes is one half-empty milk carton or a single stray hair to ruin a guest’s impression of an otherwise luxury apartment.
Adding these items to a Properly checklist serves as an excellent quality assurance check for you and your cleaner. And even better, you can ask them to take pictures as they work through your checklist. When service providers document their work, no task will be forgotten!

Keep a Photographic Record of your Listings

A photographic record of your listings enables you to keep tabs on wear and tear – and ensures you are protected from any damages done by your guests. We recommend that you:

  • Request verification photos of common areas and important spaces (e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms) to create an ongoing record of the condition of a property. This can be done by an inspector or by your cleaner as part of the cleaning process in your checklist, and you could even ask that it be done before and after each stay.
  • Encourage service providers to document all problems with Properly’s Real Time Problem Report feature. You’ll hear about damages the moment they’re discovered, so you can take action ASAP.

In combination, these two steps ensure that you can collect a guest’s security deposit from a listing platform without any issues or room for dispute. They also give you the ability to make claims on a home warranty insurance policy where necessary. (And, as an added benefit, photos enable you to see and QA the property before every guest check in.)
We’ve seen all sorts of problems and damages from guests – from stained carpets to broken dishes, and even windows – and everyone’s heard an Airbnb horror story or two. But with diligent photo documentation, no problem need be a catastrophe.

Manage time spent on each job

Managing cleaner time is critical to both quality and efficiency. Cleaners can only work so fast, and you should have clear expectations on how long a cleaner will spend on each job. If time per job falls, you can bet that quality is suffering. On the other hand, if clean times begin to take too long, you can expect your cleaners will ask for rate increases. This is a good opportunity to discuss where they need to focus.
Of course, you want to do this in partnership with your cleaners. No one wants to be a micromanager – and no-one likes being micromanaged!
Properly is great for keeping things transparent: reporting tools track when a service provider started and finished a job, and geolocation functionality even shows whether or not the cleaner was actually on location.
Properly Job Summary

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Partnerships demand dialogue – both positive and negative.
If a service provider does make a mistake, tell them! This is something we hear from providers all the time: they want your feedback so they can improve and deliver an even better service in future. And naturally, the reverse is also true: if your service provider does a good job, be sure to show your appreciation! A simple “thank you” can go a long way to building strong partnerships with your cleaners, and service providers that feel valued will often go the extra mile for you and your guests.
Showing your appreciation is easy in Properly. You can add a quick thumbs up or thumbs down to verification photos, or write a more detailed comment if you’d like to send a personalized thank you (or critique).

 You can add a quick thumbs up or thumbs down to verification photos, or write a more detailed comment if you’d like to send a personalized thank you (or critique) with Properly.
You can add a quick thumbs up or thumbs down to verification photos, or write a more detailed comment if you’d like to send a personalized thank you (or helpful suggestion) with Properly.

What’s more, if you get a positive review from a guest, be sure to share it with your service provider – after all, it’s their success too.

Be Like Lily: Use Properly to build your business

Hi! Lily here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia.

As one of the top-performing hospitality cleaning providers on Properly, you could say I’m a fan! I’d like to share how I used Properly to build and transform my business.

A Properly Success Story

Two years ago, I fell into Airbnb and short stay servicing by accident.
I was behind on my rent and had no way of putting food on the table for myself and two kids. Feeling desperate, I joined a job task listing website to look for basic jobs. After submitting to various cleaning tasks on the website, I got my first client. Then another. And another.
Then one of my clients asked if I could service their home whilst they were away and renting it to travelers on Airbnb. Because Airbnb was new to me, they explained that I’d be remaking beds and cleaning houses after each guest stay.
Not long after, a client told me about Properly. I registered, learned how to use it, and quickly fell in love with the app. Now, I’m the world’s highest client holder on Properly (with plans to expand even more).

Properly Perks for Service Providers

Properly is my mobile buddy.
It tells me who my next client is and reminds me of the time for my next servicing. It asks if I’ve completed my checklists and whether my latest job is finished. And it is an effective calendar of all my clients’ servicing, rolled into one.
Properly offers support with images of the clients’ property and requirements, plus checklists of important tasks (which, of course, change from client to client).
It adds value by allowing my clients to write me specific notes for the day and/or instructions for ongoing tasks.
Most of all, it’s an asset and an investment into efficiency and good servicing practice for both the client and the service provider.
Properly has increased both the volume of my business, but also the efficiently and quality I can deliver for my clients – I’m confident it can do the same for you.
Happy bookings!

Make Hiring Easy: How to Find Qualified New Service Providers

In the VR industry, a clean property is table stakes. What really makes for a great guest experience are the details specific to vacation rentals. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just any cleaner can make your property guest-ready. Follow our tips to make sure you hire a service provider with the experience, attitude, and tools for the job.

Does the service provider have experience with hospitality cleaning?

Not all cleaning jobs are created equal. Regular house cleaning is worlds apart from VR cleaning  – in fact, the differences are so pronounced we’ve coined the new phrase “hospitality cleaning”, as we feel that this best describes the job and does justice to its complexity.

Checking drawers and closets for items left by previous guests, cleaning out the refrigerator, and paying particular attention to details like towels and bed linen are just a few of the ways that hospitality cleaning differs from residential.

Paying particular attention to details like towels and bed linen are just a few of the ways that hospitality cleaning differs from residential.

Ideally, you’ll want a provider that’s already experienced with VR cleaning, and our marketplace is a great way to find them. If you hire a cleaner from elsewhere, we suggest including VR-specific details in your Properly checklist so you can use it to train them on the job. Here is a prior post with more details and examples.  

Do they come recommended?

Asking for references from a service provider’s existing clients is one of the best ways to assess a potential hire. Ask about the provider’s experience with hospitality cleaning, and about key performance indicators such as timeliness, reliability, and the quality of their cleaning and staging.

If you choose to hire through Properly’s marketplace, you can elect to eliminate reference calls as you will have ready access to this kind of information through the service provider’s profile. You can see their typical response rate and how many properties they’ve worked at, and view the badges they’ve earned based on past performance.

What’s more, service providers can only list themselves on our marketplace if they’ve completed a job for another VR client – so you are guaranteed they have experience. You can learn more about those benefits here

Are they a staging maestro?

In hospitality cleaning, ensuring a home is perfectly clean is only one half of the job. The other half is staging the space beautifully for guests’ arrival. Cushions, bedsheets, utensils, and ornaments – everything should be in its proper place to make the home as welcoming as possible.

Some service providers have a real flair for staging, but even if they don’t, you can provide photo guidance through Properly to ensure the staging always matches your vision.


Will they take the initiative?

Detailed checklists are essential for a hassle-free clean. You can use them to check that lights and lamps are working, the Wi-Fi is up to speed, and everything at the property is functioning. But what if something isn’t working? It’s times like these that you want a problem solver on hand.

Properly is a great way to streamline the problem-solving process. If the provider notices anything amiss with your property, they can immediately submit a report along with a photo, and the two of you can work together in real time to address the issue.
report-problemBonus: Find a service provider who’s passionate about their work

In our experience, finding a cleaner who shares your commitment to hospitality can make all the difference in creating a great guest experience. During a water shortage in her area, Suzanne’s service provider once made sure there was extra bottled water for guests at her rental – without even being asked.

Service providers who are truly passionate about their work will go the extra mile for your guests, and it’s touches like this that really make for a memorable stay. The best service providers can become partners rather than just employees – and Properly’s marketplace is filled with people just like that. 

Want to see Properly in action? Set up a demo with our Customer Success team and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through it. 

Meet Properly Superhero Jenny: She’s the FASTEST responder on the platform, LOVES to clean and can (probably) dance like Axl Rose

Based out of Richmond, California, Jenny and her team clean properties all over the Bay Area – up to 10 each day. Jenny has been cleaning short-term rentals with Properly for almost a year, and we’re pretty sure her 1 minute average response time makes her the fastest responder on the Properly platform. Today, she’s found some time in her crazy schedule to talk to us about what makes her tick, and to tell us about her experiences with Properly and vacation rental cleaning.

Properly: Hi Jenny! To start with, please could you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you get into the cleaning business, and why do you choose to work in this sector?

Jenny: My mother introduced me to house cleaning when I was 21. I decided to work in this field because I honestly LOVE IT! Growing up, I was always told to work somewhere I love, doing something I love – and that’s precisely what I’m doing.

Properly: And how long have you been cleaning Airbnb and other short-term rentals?

Jenny: We’ve been cleaning Airbnb rentals full on for about four years now. It all started when my regular house cleaning job was a bit slow. I decided to get on my laptop and search for new cleaning gigs, and I came across an ad that required a cleaner for a rental unit. I got my family involved, and we’ve been doing Airbnb cleaning ever since.

Properly: Do vacation rental cleanings differ much from regular house cleaning jobs?

Jenny: To us, they’re basically the same, and we have the same expectations. The only exception is that short-term rental cleaning is easier to manage. We get to work with the same client to the same schedule, so we know what’s expected every time. That consistency is super helpful, it makes things go so much more smoothly.

Properly: Which do you prefer?

Jenny: We prefer cleaning Airbnb rentals without a doubt. Walking in, you know what to expect, and staging is awesome! What’s more, since the properties are cleaned regularly, they’re a lot easier to maintain.

Properly: In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics of a great vacation rental cleaner?

Jenny: Being an honest cleaner, having a great attitude, doing a great job every time, and, most importantly, being reliable! The host and guest depend on the cleaner’s attention to detail and punctuality for a great experience.

Properly: How long have you been using Properly? How did you learn about it?

Jenny: We’ve been using Properly since June 2017 when a host in Oakland introduced me to it.

Properly: Does Properly help you improve the quality of your service?

Jenny: Absolutely! It enables hosts to provide much more detailed information to us, and it makes communication so much easier. We can provide precisely the service the host needs, every time. It’s a cleaner’s dream come true!

“Properly enables hosts to provide much more detailed information to us, and it makes communication so much easier. We can provide precisely the service the host needs, every time. It’s a cleaner’s dream come true!”
– Jennifer Diaz

Properly: How have you been able to grow your business using Properly?

Jenny: Properly helps us grow in a number of ways. First, they offer great guidance. Second, the Properly platform makes it easy for us to deliver outstanding results to each and every one of our clients. And lastly, we get exposure on the Marketplace where everyone can see those results.

Properly: Your average response time for jobs is just 1 minute – undoubtedly the best on our entire platform. What motivates you to consistently reply so quickly?

Jenny: We just like to stay on top of things.

Properly: Is there any advice you can give to other cleaners who serve Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners?

Jenny: Care for the unit as if we were your own, be honest, ask questions, communicate with your host, and always be detail oriented!

Properly: And what about hosts – any advice to help them improve how they work with their service providers?

Jenny: Communicate! The more information we cleaners have, the easier it is for us to do a great job for you.

Properly: To wrap up, we just have a few, final questions to help readers get to know you. So, do you listen to music while you clean? If so, what’s your favorite song?

Jenny: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to clean in silence, most of the time I have my music on. But my favorite song? Too many to mention! I can definitely say it’d be something by Guns N’ Roses or Creedance Clearwater Revival. (Sidenote: We wonder if she can do the “Axl Rose” dance!)

Properly: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Jenny: We like to make people happy! A clean, fresh-smelling environment will do just that. We love that we can provide that for someone.

Properly: And finally, what would you say is your cleaning superpower?

Jenny: Honestly, the ability to provide a thorough, detailed cleaning without any hassle.

Meet Properly Superheros, Karoline and Gian of Blue 3: Their super power will make you swoon.

Originally from Brazil, Gian and Karoline visited the USA in 2014 and noticed a major gap in the market for high-quality, standardized cleaning services. The following year, they moved to California and founded their new cleaning company, Blue 3.  We’ve asked them to share some of the secrets of their success – spoiler alert: boatloads of passion, and a commitment to providing the perfect clean every time.

Properly: Let’s start with your background. How did you get into the cleaning industry?

Karoline: When we visited the USA four years ago, we realized that there weren’t many cleaning companies working to a consistently high-standard or employing trained cleaners. A lot of service providers seemed to be focusing on volume of work rather than quality, so clients were left dissatisfied and there was high cleaner turnover due to the poor salaries.
Gian: We decided to try and fill this gap in the sector by launching our own cleaning company. Consistent quality is our main objective, so we ensure that all our teams are trained to the same standard, and we always follow the same cleaning process.

Properly: When did you start cleaning short-term rentals?

Gian: We’ve been cleaning Airbnb rentals ever since we founded Blue 3. In fact, the growing popularity of short-term rentals was one of the main reasons we knew there would be a market for our business.

Properly: You also clean residential properties, right? Do you think there is much difference between the two?

Karoline: We sure do. They both require the same level of care, but we find that they’re actually quite different. Since residences are typically cleaned less frequently, they always need a very thorough clean. On the other hand, we often clean the same Airbnb properties three times in one week; the place is usually cleaner, but we have to be particularly attentive to the details like towels, bed linen, and bathrooms. With vacation rentals, the important thing is to make the space as beautiful and welcoming as possible for the new guest.

Properly: Do you have a preference? Vacation rental or residential cleaning?

Karoline: We like both! House cleaning jobs are nice because you can get to know the residents, and they often become friends. But we also love the dynamics of vacation rental cleaning, and at the end of the job, there’s the satisfaction of seeing everything clean and perfectly in its place – it’s almost as though we’re inside a magazine photo.

Properly: Would you say that Properly helps you improve the quality of your service?

Gian: Definitely. What helps us most is having all the work in one place. Properly gives us easy access to all the information provided by a host; we can see our entire schedule, plan cleaning routes, check past cleaning details, and more. Overall, it’s just a massive boost to efficiency.

Properly: Blue 3 is a fairly new business – is Properly helping you grow?

Karoline: Our company is steadily expanding. Part of that is due to word-of-mouth, but we’re also attracting a lot of new customers through our Properly profile. It’s great how prospective clients can consult our profile and see a record of our completed jobs and our past performance – and if they like what they see, they can hire us!

Properly: What advice would you give to other vacation rental cleaners?

Gian: That’s a difficult question, because everyone is different. All I can say is: work with your heart. Don’t just clean for the money; clean with love and dedication.

Karoline and Gian’s advice:
Work with your heart. Don’t just clean for the money; clean with love and dedication.

Properly: And any advice for Airbnb hosts to improve how they work with cleaners?

Gian: Remember that cleaners have to meet their commitments with other customers as well, so they won’t be able to do any extra work that hasn’t been arranged beforehand. Provide all the information about the job upfront so that they accurately schedule your clean.
Karoline: And before hiring a cleaner, make sure they have the experience and expertise you’re looking for. Ask for references or photos from previous jobs – or just check their Properly profile!

Properly: It’s been great hearing about your business. But now we’d love to learn more about you. Tell us, do you have a favorite song that you like to listen to while you clean?

Karoline: We actually work in silence most of the time. We find it easier to focus that way. But there’s always some Bruno Mars in our playlist for when we’re having a hard day or doing a particularly time-consuming clean.

Properly: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Gian: Knowing that we did the best we could to make everything perfect, then seeing a happy client satisfied with our work.
Karoline: We also love getting the opportunity to meet so many different people from so many different cultures every day. It’s not unusual for us to talk to someone from France in the morning, someone from China in the afternoon, and an American from Arizona in the evening.

Properly: Finally, what would you say is your cleaning super power?

Gian: As cleaners, we have the power to transform. We can breathe new life into any place that’s dirty, poorly organized or in need of renovation. But what we really need is a supercar so that we can fly to properties… the daily traffic makes us crazy!

As cleaners, we have the power to transform. We can breathe new life into any place that’s dirty, poorly organized or in need of renovation.
-Gian Francisco

How One (Oh-So Brave) M❤️M Proves the Properly App is Easy to Use

NOTE to our Android users: Even though my Mom tested on her iPhone, the usability is nearly 100% the same on Android. When we find a Mom with an Android phone, we’ll have her test for you. 😉
It’s not uncommon that we hear concern from a customer about their service provider learning how to use the app. We get it. Our service providers are key to our operations and nobody wants to risk upsetting the apple cart.
So, I set out to provide inspiration for clients and service providers alike by asking my Mom to trial our app. Let me be really clear about something. My Mom is a smart woman. She is also a woman with a deep disdain for technology and is generally intimidated by learning how to use an app. So I knew that if my Mom could get over her resistance to an app, anyone could.

My brave Mom, happily clueless that she was about to be asked to test our app.
My brave Mom, happily clueless that she was about to be asked to test our app.

Here’s how it went:

Me: Mom, let’s set the context. How much do you love technology?
Mom: I hate it. I don’t love it.
Me: (After a particularly frustrating day with her phone.) How much do you love your iPhone today?
Mom: Well I’m not even happy with that today. (Generally she tolerates it because it’s how she gets cute photos and videos of my niece and nephew.)
Me: If we were by the waterfront right now, would you throw your phone in the ocean?
Mom: I’d only say no because then I’d just have to replace it. Otherwise, yes. These are easy questions so far. What’s next?
Me: How do you feel about testing our app today?
Mom: I’m game. I don’t know. You know how I hate computers. Why do you make me do this when I’m so tired?
Me: Because I know you can do it.
And so it began. I sent my Mom an invitation to use Properly. Once we got past resetting her Apple ID, SHE WAS IN! (I really should post her Apple ID here so we can collectively help her remember it…)
Next up, I sent my Mom a test job. My Mom intuitively accepted it and jumped into reading and checking off the tasks – with no prompt from me!
Mom: (Checking off tasks.) Oh, this is easy. Check. Ok. I can do this. Check. Check. Check. Check. (Reading instructions.) Water the plant – I can do that. Check. I’m getting through this in a hurry. Ah, geez. Clean windows – I hate cleaning windows. Alright, I’ll do it. Check.
Me: Check you out, Mom. Do you want to use the app to report a problem?
Mom: Sure, let’s see. (Finds Report a Problem icon, follows the prompts and sends a problem report.)

Proof that she is my Mother - or that I am her daughter. An almost empty coffee cup is a serious problem.
Proof that she is my Mother – or that I am her daughter. An almost empty coffee cup is a serious problem.

Mom: Problem report sent. Ok, I did that. (Continues checking off tasks.) That’s a check.
Mom: Check for hair. Yeah, good idea.
Mom: (Prompted to take a verification photo in app) Oh, yeah. OK. Take a picture. Yeah, so they can see how great it looks.
Mom: OK, I’m done. Did I do a good job?
Me: You did great, Mom. How was that?
Mom: Yeah, that’s awesome. Even for me, I could figure it out which is pretty amazing because I hate figuring out apps. So that means it’s pretty easy to use. That was good. (She’s even smiling.) If I can figure it out, anyone can.
Mom: (Checking her job summary.) Look at that – I got it done in 6 minutes. I’d say I’m worth my weight in gold. (Laughing – my Mother NEVER laughs while using technology unless she’s asked Alexa to tell her a joke.)
Me: Want to try another job?
Mom: Sure. (I send a second test job and my Mom sees my Properly profile picture.) Tam, I’m not sure that a picture of you strolling the beach is a good idea. “Here I am on the beach – go clean my house, please.”
Offending profile picture.
Offending profile picture.

Me: That’s a good point. Maybe I’ll change that. Thanks for the tip, Mom.
Mom: I’m going to preview the checklist first this time. I don’t know if I want to do this while you’re strolling the beach. OK, I previewed it. I guess I’ll start the job now. I suppose I better take a little more time this time. (Laughing)
Mom: (Questioning my instructions when she gets to a slide about laundry. Tough crowd!) I assume the Simple Green or OxyClean is by the washing machine if you want me to treat stains.
Me: Yes, Mom.
Mom: (Using the Overview feature.) Oh, and you can go back and check to make sure you got everything. Oh, I like that.
Finished job.

My Mom’s Advice

Me: Thanks so much, Mom. What advice do you have for anyone who might be nervous to use the Properly app?
Mom: Once you get started it’s really self explanatory. Actually, I just think it would give you peace of mind knowing you did what was needed and wanted at the job. You can walk away feeling good about the job you did as opposed to second guessing it.
It should save everyone time and energy and having to guess what needs to get done. I’d think job satisfaction should be high for the customer – especially when they get those pictures when a job is done. It’s just peace of mind and you know it’s getting done the way you want it and the cleaner know they’re doing exactly what you want done. This makes a lot of sense. Then everyone is happy with everyone. (My Mom likes it when everyone is happy with everyone.) 🙂

My Mom Says to Watch the How-To Videos

After my Mom tested the app, I showed her our quick how to videos for Service Providers. As my Mom demonstrated, the app is intuitive and easy to use, but we (and she) highly recommend that every service provider watch these quick videos before accepting their first job.
Mom: Oh, those are really good. Did you make those videos?
Me: I didn’t make the videos, but I did create the content.
Mom: Of course, you did. They’re great.
Here are links to our Mom-endorsed how to videos.
1. Accept your invite to create an account
2. Accept job requests
3. Starting a job / What your client sees when you work

Postscript: I sent my Mom a text to ask her to text me a photo of herself, to which she replied, “I’ll try.” How cute is that?!

How MetroButler Increased Their Listings by 600% with Properly


Inefficient contractor management

“Job statuses were only in our heads,”said Justin Maes, Operations Strategy & Finance Manager for MetroButler.

Initially, MetroButler was sending out cleaning jobs using a combination of communication. A mix of emails, texts, and Google Calendar invites led to bottlenecks and spending too much time and energy on scheduling, assessing availability, and checking job statuses.

After reviewing several scheduling apps, they decided they needed something specific to short-term rental cleaning and management. MetroButler discovered Properly was the only industry specific solution.

Software adaptable to their business model

Due to MetroButler’s diverse menu of services, they also needed software that was customizable as each butler not only cleans but might also provide full concierge support that could include:

  • Offering a personal welcome and walkthrough with guests
  • Handling special requests
  • Ensuring no home issues come up during guest stays

“We found we liked Properly as people and they were super open and excited to hear ideas on what features could be added. We didn’t find anyone else as receptive to help expand their product,” said Justin.

Documenting property damage

Managing rentals in the City That Never Sleeps sometimes leads to overzealous guests who cause home damage. MetroButler needed a way to clearly prove the issue occurred during a specific guest’s stay as they filed insurance claims and took care of client’s assets. The claims process made the ability to capture and store images essential.


Within 24 hours of activating their Properly account, they were able to send out cleaning jobs. Instead of needing to tediously email multiple people to check their availability, MetroButler managers can send jobs and butlers claim them using Properly’s mobile app.

Listing photos from Airbnb automatically propagated in Properly, saving them time re-uploading photos. With the photos pulled from the Airbnb listing, they can create checklists by adding task pins on top of interior pictures. And butlers can use the visual instructions as a clear point of reference to ensure the property’s presentation and cleanings are consistent. When the property owners have special things they want MetroButler to look out for, they simply include those tasks in their checklists.

Proving property damage

Today, butlers complete a photo-documented walkthrough of each property before and after each guest’s stay. These photos have been critical for successfully making insurance claims.

MetroButler saw an increase in property damage around the holidays including two broken TVs in one specific apartment. Thanks to the photos, they can efficiently provide proof to insurance companies that items were in good condition before a guest’s stay (and broken after a guest’s stay). Having this historical data handy has also helped them anticipate seasonal issues.

Cleaners can notify their clients when they find damages or low supplies using Properly.
Cleaners can notify their clients when they find damages or low supplies using Properly.

Scheduling additional tasks

With certain managed properties, butlers also take photos of where they leave keys so MetroButler can pass that information along to the next guest. For any unexpected issues that come up during their stay like a toilet chain coming off, MetroButler can simply message butlers through the app to arrange handling such tasks.

Spending less time tracking jobs

As one of the earliest adopters of Properly, MetroButler has enjoyed the benefits of working with Properly’s agile development team. Properly added new features based on their and other customers’ feedback including:

  • Calendar filters by the property to check which cleaning jobs are pending, in progress, canceled, and completed
  • Duplicate checklists to quickly copy/paste a checklist to a new property
  • Automatic reminder messages to butlers with start time and job location
  • Cleaner location tracking
Properly's Location Service displays whether a service provider was at the correct location when they tapped ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ on a Properly job.
Properly’s Location Service displays whether a service provider was at the correct location when they tapped ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ on a Properly job.

Using the location-based feature, MetroButler can confirm that a butler is on location for their jobs. Properly’s mobile app also clocks in and out butlers for accurate time tracking. MetroButler’s operations team does not worry about ballpark estimates on hours spent cleaning; they have verification of time needed to clean each apartment.


Using Properly, MetroButler has cut down significantly on the amount of time spent communicating job statuses and cleaner availability. Freeing up their days away from their email inbox has helped them increase the number of properties they manage by over fivefold.

Increase in
Properties Managed

Since partnering with Properly, MetroButler has also expanded to more of New York’s boroughs including Queens and Brooklyn. They’ve also added Las Vegas, Nashville, and the Hamptons to their rental portfolio. As MetroButler further scale their business, Properly will continue to add new features to make managing their contractors easier.

3 Benefits + 3 Tips for Hiring from the Properly Marketplace

Properly’s marketplace is a revolutionary resource in the vacation rental industry. While there are other on-demand services, the Properly marketplace is unique and bespoke to hospitality.

Our 3 BIG Benefits

1. Service providers on the Properly platform have experience in the hospitality industry

Did you know that every service provider in the Properly marketplace has experience preparing homes for guests? That means they understand the important differences between a hospitality and residential cleaning such as checking drawers and closets for items left by the last guests (please, may I never find the last guests’ underwear in a drawer, ever again) or the importance of reporting damages or excessive messes to their clients.

Properly’s marketplace is a revolutionary resource in the vacation rental industry.
Every service provider in the Properly marketplace understands the important differences between a hospitality and residential cleaning.

2. Every service provider has completed a job for someone from your community

Service providers can only join the marketplace after they have been invited to use Properly by a member of your local vacation rental community and completed at least one job. That means every service provider is trusted by an owner or property manager in your community.

Every service provider in the Properly marketplace is trusted by a member of your community.
Every service provider in the Properly marketplace is trusted by a member of your community.

3. It’s SO MUCH easier than posting to your VR FB group

We love our local online communities of vacation rental owners and property managers. They are great for problem solving and sharing ideas. But I can’t tell you how many cumbersome threads I’ve seen about finding a cleaner.
Let’s compare.
a. Finding a cleaner through your FB group

  1. Member 1 (we’ll call her Sally) posts looking for a cleaner.
  2. Members 2-pick a number (we’ll call them the FB VR Group) post responses with contact info, or worse yet, a request to private message for information.
  3. Sally calls, texts, FB messages or e-mails every cleaner that was recommended by the FB VR Group.
  4. In the best case scenario, every cleaner responds. In the worst case scenario, none of them respond.
  5. Tons of back and forth messages commence between Sally and every recommended cleaner with questions and details about availability, the job, location, etc.
  6. Finally, if all goes well, Sally schedules the chosen cleaner for a job.

That’s tedious and tiresome communication for every person involved, including Sally, her generous FB VR group members and every cleaner. What’s worse, when the job is scheduled, the process isn’t complete because now Sally needs to communicate details such as changeover instructions, access information, wifi codes, etc to the cleaner. And then, the next time another member asks for a cleaner recommendation, the whole process begins all over again. In the words of my Wisconsin folk, Uff da.

Finding a cleaner from your VR FB group can be a tedious and tiresome process.
Finding a cleaner from your VR FB group can be a tedious and tiresome process.

b. Finding a cleaner using the Properly Marketplace

  1. Owners and property managers invite their trusted service providers to use Properly to receive and complete jobs.
  2. Service providers join the marketplace.
  3. Every member of a community needing to hire a trusted and experienced hospitality cleaner browses the Properly marketplace and selects and hires a cleaner simply and efficiently by sending a job directly to their mobile phone.

Efficient. Elegant. Easy. Ahhhh, so much better.

Our 3 BIG Tips

1. Use performance badges to see how service providers shine

Service providers can earn badges based on their performance on Properly. We track things like accuracy, response rate, job completion and cancelation rates. We provide all this feedback to service providers and display this information through public badges you can find on their profile.
Here is a guide to our badges.

2. Read service provider profiles

Service providers are encouraged to add detailed bios to their profiles with information such as rates, availability, experience and a little bit about themselves or their business so you can see if they are a match for your needs.
Here is one bio we especially love:
service provider profile

3. Check the service provider’s typical response time

If a provider has a fast response time, it means they actively use the app and are actively engaged in their business. In particular if you need someone quickly, choosing providers with quick response time is the way to go.

Bonus Tip: See how many properties a service provider has serviced

When browsing the marketplace on web or mobile, you can see how many properties a provider has prepared for guests. The more the merrier, we say.
If you have feedback about our marketplace, please write to
Photos Designed by katemangostar / Freepik