When it’s not a “hot turn” – schedule jobs with flexible start time

By Properly / Apr 19, 2018

Hot turn, same-day flip, high priority changeover…all phrases that mean the same thing – current guests are checking out and new guests are checking in on the same day, sometimes with a tight window of time!
Other times, we get a breather and might have a day or more in between reservations. For these jobs, we want you to be able to give your service providers a window of time to complete the job.

Here are some benefits of using flexible start time:

To use this feature, you’ll select the time the property is available as the start time, and the time the property needs to be ready as your finish time. Then set the duration of the job.

A use case

Here’s an example: A guest, Jane, is checking out on Monday at 10AM. The next guest, Saru, doesn’t arrive until Wednesday at 4PM. The job takes 2 hours.
use case

  1. Set start time to Monday at 10AM
  2. Set finish time to Wednesday at 4PM
  3. Set job duration to 2 hours

Your service provider will see that the job has a flexible start time and know that the 2 hour job can be done anytime in the window you provided.

Learn how to schedule a job with a flexible start time

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