New Feature: Pre-Filled Job Requests Make Scheduling Jobs Possible in 1 Click

By Properly / Feb 16, 2017

The latest feature we’re rolling out is quite special to us. Why? Because it makes the operations of our customers even simpler. Now hosts, owners, and property managers can save time sending jobs by pre-filling job requests to make scheduling a one-click task.

Here’s how it works:

Since checklists are the core element of a job request, pre-fill starts there. Choose a checklist and hover over it until you see the (•••). Then click “Pre-fill Job Request.”
Here you can choose default time, service provider(s), offered price, and message.
Pre-fill job requests for each checklist on any property. Here are a couple of examples.


The possibilities are endless.
You can also set any checklist and its pre-filled job request as the default job for a property, which again decreases the amount of clicks from Send Job Request to Job Request Sent!
Your default checklist and its pre-filled request form will appear when you go through the sequence of sending a job request from your calendar or from your property.
We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature. If you’re too excited about pre-filling job requests and want to get started right away, we can wait until you’re done!

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