New Feature: Create and Export Reports

By Properly / Feb 3, 2017

Now you can create and export detailed reports on Properly to run your short term rental or property management business even more efficiently. This new reporting feature now helps property managers stay organized while managing changeover operations from start to finish.
Reports also help you:

• Easily invoice payments for service providers

• Quickly identify damage to make filing damage claims from guests simple

• Track all servicing and repair needs on your properties

• View all finished jobs and gain insight into frequency of changeover services

• Identify the service providers

All reports are printable and simple to generate. You’ll find the new tab labeled Reports on the top of your dashboard.

Here’s how to create a new report:

Example Report for: All Jobs Finished by Anna G between October 1st and Today

1. Enter a Title for the report

2. Choose the Date Range

a. Open the calendar picker and click on the Custom tab


b. Navigate to October and click on the October 1 cell

c. Navigate to the current month and click on today’s date

d. The date range you selected will be in orange



e. Now click on the Service Provider drop down menu on the far right

f. Search for “Anna” and select from the list


g. Close the drop down menu by clicking anywhere outside of the menu

3. Open the Status drop down menu on the left

a. Select Accepted from the menu.  This ensures you are only creating a report for a cleaner who has accepted (and therefore done) jobs. If you don’t select a status, then every job that was sent to a cleaner will also appear, including Canceled and Pending jobs.

4. Save the report – you don’t want to lose all of your progress!

Optional: Select which columns you want displayed in your report in the Column Selector drop down menu.


5. Export the report by clicking Export and choosing your preferred CSV type.


Note: If you are using Safari and do not see the Save File window, read the orange text on the small message and check the name of your downloaded file.

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