Monitor cleaning quality with photo verification, time tracking and geolocation

You hardly need us to tell you that, in this industry, presentation is everything. If you want to be sure that your service providers are meeting your expectations and staging your properties to perfection, quality assurance is key but physical inspections are far from an effective use of your time or resources.
Instead, you can use Properly to track cleaning quality seamlessly and cost-effectively. Here’s how:

  • Provide clear guidance Pictures bring your brand standards to life: the appropriate staging of towels, the perfectly stocked and arranged guest amenity kit, or the positioning of pillows on a couch. Use visual checklists to make your brand standards clear to cleaners and field staff as they do their work.
    provide clear guidance


  • Verification photos You can request as many verification photos of the completed job as you wish. As soon as verification photos are taken, you can view those photos to ensure your property has been staged to your standards. verification photo


  • On site, on time When your service provider arrives at your property and starts the job, you can receive a notification, if you choose. Furthermore, when they use location services, we’ll let you know they are at the correct address.
    Job summary - location service


  • Less haste An occasional frustration we hear is that providers rush through a job, and risk missing important details. We use the providers’ start and finish time to report the duration of the job to you.
    Job summary - on time


  • Track completion When we have guests checking in, it’s stressful to wonder whether a provider has a property guest-ready on time. Through Properly you can see when a job is finished and opt to receive a notification.
    job finished notification


  • Send feedback Use our thumbs up/down and feedback feature on verification photos to provide input to your provider about whether your standards were met.

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A mobile turnover app for vacation rental hosts to schedule cleanings, make checklists and find cleaners (in select cities).

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