In the VR industry, a clean property is table stakes. What really makes for a great guest experience are the details specific to vacation rentals. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just any cleaner can make your property guest-ready. Follow our tips to make sure you hire a service provider with the experience, attitude, and tools for the job.

Does the service provider have experience with hospitality cleaning?

Not all cleaning jobs are created equal. Regular house cleaning is worlds apart from VR cleaning  – in fact, the differences are so pronounced we’ve coined the new phrase “hospitality cleaning”, as we feel that this best describes the job and does justice to its complexity.

Checking drawers and closets for items left by previous guests, cleaning out the refrigerator, and paying particular attention to details like towels and bed linen are just a few of the ways that hospitality cleaning differs from residential.

Paying particular attention to details like towels and bed linen are just a few of the ways that hospitality cleaning differs from residential.

Ideally, you’ll want a provider that’s already experienced with VR cleaning, and our marketplace is a great way to find them. If you hire a cleaner from elsewhere, we suggest including VR-specific details in your Properly checklist so you can use it to train them on the job. Here is a prior post with more details and examples.  

Do they come recommended?

Asking for references from a service provider’s existing clients is one of the best ways to assess a potential hire. Ask about the provider’s experience with hospitality cleaning, and about key performance indicators such as timeliness, reliability, and the quality of their cleaning and staging.

If you choose to hire through Properly’s marketplace, you can elect to eliminate reference calls as you will have ready access to this kind of information through the service provider’s profile. You can see their typical response rate and how many properties they’ve worked at, and view the badges they’ve earned based on past performance.

What’s more, service providers can only list themselves on our marketplace if they’ve completed a job for another VR client – so you are guaranteed they have experience. You can learn more about those benefits here

Are they a staging maestro?

In hospitality cleaning, ensuring a home is perfectly clean is only one half of the job. The other half is staging the space beautifully for guests’ arrival. Cushions, bedsheets, utensils, and ornaments – everything should be in its proper place to make the home as welcoming as possible.

Some service providers have a real flair for staging, but even if they don’t, you can provide photo guidance through Properly to ensure the staging always matches your vision.


Will they take the initiative?

Detailed checklists are essential for a hassle-free clean. You can use them to check that lights and lamps are working, the Wi-Fi is up to speed, and everything at the property is functioning. But what if something isn’t working? It’s times like these that you want a problem solver on hand.

Properly is a great way to streamline the problem-solving process. If the provider notices anything amiss with your property, they can immediately submit a report along with a photo, and the two of you can work together in real time to address the issue.
report-problemBonus: Find a service provider who’s passionate about their work

In our experience, finding a cleaner who shares your commitment to hospitality can make all the difference in creating a great guest experience. During a water shortage in her area, Suzanne’s service provider once made sure there was extra bottled water for guests at her rental – without even being asked.

Service providers who are truly passionate about their work will go the extra mile for your guests, and it’s touches like this that really make for a memorable stay. The best service providers can become partners rather than just employees – and Properly’s marketplace is filled with people just like that. 

Want to see Properly in action? Set up a demo with our Customer Success team and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through it. 

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