Introducing Mobile Calendar Filters!

By Properly / Dec 27, 2017

Now with calendar filters any property manager can get quick visibility into the jobs, bookings, and other data when out in the field on mobile phone. For example, you could set a filter to see all of the jobs in progress today and get a pulse on what’s ready for guests checking in, or you could filter to see a specific cleaner’s jobs for the day, week, two-weeks, etc.


Filters can only be applied on the All tab within the Calendar. To set a filter, start on All and tap on the filter icon.
Date Range – Simply tap on the start date to select it. Then tap on the end date to close the range. You’ll know you have a closed date range if there is an orange highlight across the calendar. By selecting a start date and leaving the end date open, the calendar will show everything in the future. If you want to filter for one day, like “today” you need to select today’s date and close it with tomorrow’s date.
Properties – You can search by city or title name or even region to include specific properties in your filtered search.
Service Providers – Service Providers allows you to filter activity to a specific service provider. In order to get a filtered search containing only jobs associated with specific providers, remember to uncheck Bookings and To-Dos in Category. Note that, by default, data that is not associated with service providers (jobs and bookings) will be included in a filtered search even if filter on a service provider.
Category – You can filter results based on three subcategories of events – Jobs, Bookings, and To-dos.

Here are a couple examples of ways you can filter your calendar:

A: All the scheduled jobs for today (which includes pending jobs) on all properties:

  1. Go to All in Calendar and click on the filter icon
  2. Select the date range. Pick today’s date and tomorrow’s date. Tap Select.
  3. Tap Category. Tap on the Jobs sub category.
  4. Unselect Canceled and unselect Declined jobs.  Tap Add to Filter.
  5. Unselect To-Dos and unselect Bookings. Tap Done. Tap Apply Filters.

B: All jobs for a specific provider over a week alongside unscheduled To-Dos. This could be a filtered search you use if you are trying to coordinate and schedule Housekeeper Michelle’s jobs for next week and want to plan it off of your check-ins and check-outs plus the jobs Michelle is already booked for.

  1. Go to All in Calendar and click on the filter icon.
  2. Select the date range. Tap Select.
  3. Tap Category.
  4. Select To-Dos.
  5. Unselect Jobs and Bookings.
  6. Tap Service Providers. Select Michelle. Tap Add to Filter. Apply the filters.

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