How Properly Saved A Superhost from a Stinky Dog Dilemma

By Properly / Nov 1, 2016

Meet Barkley! Barkley is Alex, our founder’s, dog and everyone at Properly’s favorite furry friend. He’s cute and cuddly but like most dogs, he can be smelly at times.
When Alex travels, he rents his Noe Valley, San Francisco house to guests on Airbnb. And although he clearly mentions that a dog lives in the house when guest are not there on his listing profile, he tries to make sure the bedroom where Barkley sleeps doesn’t smell like a dog when guests are there.
Ridding the room of Barkley’s trace involves a periodic rug shampooing, a good vacuum job, and a spritz of Febreze. Did we mention he’s smelly?
But one Saturday morning in Seattle, Alex awoke to a message from his pregnant guest alerting him to an issue of Barkley-ic proportions: due to her heightened sense of smell, she was having a hard time sleeping in the bedroom where Barkley typically sleeps.


Barkley was a little embarrassed by all commotion his body smell caused

Alex set off to remedy the situation immediately.

First he asked the guests if they’d be out of the house at all during the day. Once he got confirmation they would, he opened Properly and went straight to the checklist he had created months before for steam cleaning his carpets.

Then he sent off the Steam Clean checklist as a job request to three of his trusted cleaners and crossed his fingers. Within half an hour all three of them replied; They were not available to take the job. It was Saturday after all.

So Alex retraced his steps and sent the Steam Clean job request to three Community Cleaners on the app. Community Cleaners are cleaners who have used Properly with other hosts in the area and voluntarily list themselves so they can receive job offers from other hosts in the area.

With a fairly offered price to accommodate for the last minute weekend nature of the job, voila, Alex’s Steam Clean Job was accepted within twenty minutes by a local professional named Marilene!

Marilene had never been to Alex’s house and had never used his steam cleaner. But she had already used the Properly app to handle changeovers for another Airbnb host in San Francisco, and that gave Alex more than enough confidence Marilene would fulfill his expectations.

Alex watched from Seattle as Marilene clocked in and clocked out. She finished with ample time before the guests were due to return to his home that evening and didn’t have any problems to report while she was on the job.

The rug was shampooed and the floors re-mopped. The case of the stinky dog smell was closed. The guests even left Alex a 5-star review for his efforts and successful intervention.

Here’s Barkley feeling more secure and less smelly

It was a proud moment for Alex and our small but mighty team!

With Properly, one host was able to send detailed and clear visual instructions to a cleaner he had never hired before and teach her how to operate a fairly complex piece of machinery.

Not to mention it was on short notice, on the weekend, and he was coordinating it all out of state.

Cue the celebration music and let the high-fives roll!

Hosts, we created this tool for you and we want you to have the ability to send simple and clear visual instructions to your cleaners as well as find a community-sourced cleaner when you need one!

If you’re using the app, super. If you’re having a hard time getting over the set up hump, reach out. Let us help you.

Visit Properly’s website to become an even better host with our tool for managing turnovers effortlessly and follow us on Twitter for more home-share and vacation rental updates!

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