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By Properly / Oct 20, 2017

At Properly, our goal is to create a global community of experienced hospitality service providers to meet the demand of our growing vacation rental industry.
Our marketplace lets clients find new providers and is a platform where service providers can create and grow their businesses.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Service Provider Accomplishment Badges.

With badges, clients can quickly identify high performing cleaners in our marketplace and hire them with peace of mind and service providers can showcase their strengths and accomplishments. These badges are earned over time and factor in qualities such as job performance, job quality, and other accomplishments like re-hire rate and completing our orientation.

Clients can make choices about which service provider to hire based on what they need.

For example, if a client needs to find a provider who responds to requests quickly for those breathless moments when their typical cleaner can’t make a tight turnover, they can hire a service provider who has a Fast Responder badge. Or perhaps a client would choose to hire a cleaner who had earned a Loved badge by being re-hired by the same client over and over. Regardless of the need, there is a badge that will indicate these attributes. Clients get quick visibility into a provider’s badges by clicking on their profile.

How do badges work?

A provider earns a badge when they meet a certain set of requirements over a 90-day period. Each badge with the exception of Properly 101 one is recalculated every 90 days so each provider’s badge is up to date. That also means providers can work to improve their performance to earn badges going forward.

What are the badges?




The service provider has been requested by the same client at least 5 times.

fast responder

Fast Responder

This provider responds to requests in under 2 hours.



This provider starts jobs within 15 minutes of their start time and is always at the correct location.

checklist champion

Checklist Champion

This provider has completed at least 3 jobs to perfection (they checked off every task pin and took every required photo).



This provider has completed at least 5 jobs to perfection (they checked off every task pin and took every required photo).


Properly 101

This provider has completed Properly’s in-house orientation which means they know every in-app feature and understand makes a great hospitality cleaning.
Service Providers to add the Properly 101 badge to your profile, register for our Properly 101 webinar with our Head of Community, Tammi.
Register Here


How to view Service Provider Profiles


Property Managers and Owners

From mobile:

  1. Open the Properly app
  2. Select Contacts tab
  3. Select a Service Provider and view their profile

From your computer:

  1. Select the Contacts tab from the main dashboard or from an individual property
  2. Select a Service Provider and view their profile


Service Providers

    1. Open the Properly app
    2. Select Settings tab


    1. Select Preview Profile


    1. Select Badges

Starting today, we’ve added badges to your profile based on your accomplishments with Properly. The work you do for your clients and their guests is so important. We know it can be a thankless job. We’re guessing you hear it when things go wrong, but might not always get the recognition you deserve when things go right. Adding badges to your profile is our tiny way to reward you and help you showcase your accomplishments. Way to go, Superstar.

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