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How Guesthop Uses Properly To Make Every Cleaning Perfect

Emily Benkert

“Properly is huge –– in terms of time and efficiency.”

- Emily Benkert

Founder & CEO of Guesthop


Problems Solutions
  • Communication with Cleaners and Service Providers
  • Create Diligent + Consistent Cleanings
  • Quality Assurance
  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Save Time + Create Efficiency
  • Problems

    Communication with Cleaners and Service Providers

    “It was a mess.”Emily, like most property managers, contracts with her cleaners. While this relationship makes it easier for Guesthop to balance out supply and demand, it also makes it more difficult to train cleaners and to maintain quality assurance. So as Guesthop started expanding, they found it more and more difficult to manage their cleaners and cleanings manually. Verbally setting standards left room for ambiguity: “The cleaners would have to call five times to ask where things were or how we wanted them to set it up.”

    Even weekly timesheets were clouded with grey areas. Cleaners would use phone notes, handwritten notes, or scanned pictures to log their work. And with everything being done manually, there was bound to be human error. In order for Guesthop to scale successfully, Emily needed tools to fit her new communication challenges.

    Quality Assurance

    “Cleaners were keeping track of their work in all different ways.”While setting clear standards was complicated, upholding them was an even bigger obstacle. For every cleaning job, Guesthop had to rely entirely on trust. It was hard to track hours and with properties spread throughout San Francisco, it was even harder to verify a job well done. If there were any damages or low supplies, it was almost impossible to consolidate those reports.

    Instead, Guesthop had to go into each cleaning event to check for flagged items. They had to rely entirely on their cleaners to understand the performance of their own service. Because at the time, Guesthop was manually entering cleanings into Google Calendar. So not only were managing, scheduling, and reporting incredibly time-consuming but they were also inefficient. Hours were wasted and cleanings were missed.


    Guesthop was in operation for two years before partnering with Properly. As their communication and management challenges added up, they knew they needed a comprehensive solution.

    Emily was first introduced to Alex Nigg, founder of Properly, at an Airbnb meetup. They quickly became the first property management company using Properly’s services, beta testing new features and functions that were still in development.

    At the time they met, Guesthop was managing 50 listings, however, since teaming up with Properly, Guesthop has multiplied their reach. Guesthop now manages about 100 listings, spanning across cities between San Jose and Stinson Beach, including San Francisco and the East Bay. Here is how Properly has helped them grow.

    Create Diligent + Consistent Cleanings

    “Properly’s checklists alleviate all the headaches during the cleanings because the cleaners know my standards.”Guesthop has finally been able to clarify expectations with photo-based checklists. The checklists relay visual instructions to the cleaners so they know exactly how to clean and exactly how to stage her spaces. And channel integration has made the checklists incredibly simple to create: listing photos from Airbnb are automatically added to the checklist when the Airbnb account is connected.

    Properly case study checklist

    Properly checklists relay visual instructions to the cleaners so they know exactly how to clean and exactly how to stage her space.

    Provide Peace of Mind

    “There’s never a discrepancy.”Now, cleaners are clear about standards –– and Guesthop no longer has to take their word for it. Properly’s verification photos serve as visual receipts after every cleaning, so Guesthop can rest assured that the job is done properly.

    Properly case study verification photos

    Properly’s verification photos serve as visual receipts after every cleaning.

    Save Time + Create Efficiency

    “We save a couple of hours every day.”As Guesthop graduated from Google Calendar, they’ve noticed a huge shift in efficiency of their business. Properly’s calendar makes “everything more searchable and manageable.” Now, Guesthop can manage and monitor cleanings without having to go through each event. They can easily generate reports and are notified about any damages or low supplies in real time. And, with channel integration, they find booking information automatically uploaded to their calendar. Because logistics are streamlined and no longer manual, they are no longer vulnerable to human error.

    Properly case study problems report

    Properly’s calendar can manage and monitor cleanings without having to go through each event. photos serve as visual receipts after every cleaning.


    The partnership with Properly has allowed Guesthop to expand and evolve seamlessly. And when reflecting on the journey it’s been –– and what’s to come –– Emily takes solace in the fact that “Properly just makes everything way more simple.”

    “Properly is just super responsive.”


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