What Every Vacation Rental Host Should Know Before Writing a Listing Description

By GuestHook / Mar 13, 2017

Time out. Before you dive into writing your property description for Airbnb or other listing sites, take a second and ask yourself:

What is most important to me as a vacation rental host? What do I do or offer to guests that they really appreciate?

There are no right answers here. But whatever yours are, they’re the cornerstones of your host personality.
Maybe you pride yourself on your speedy coordination skills or your warmth and positive attitude. How do you convey this to future guests and convince them to book with you?
The answer is easy: through your listing description. By making conscious choices to define your host voice through your copy, you can create a lasting impression on potential guests.
Let’s explain further.
Your copy sets the tone for your guests’ stay.
Words matter. When it comes to your listing description, the ones you choose clue guests in as to what you prioritize as a host.
A vacation rental owner that often hosts families may opt to call younger guests “little ones” instead of “children” as a way to show that they speak the lingo of parents, and are sensitive to their needs. (“Children” feels unnecessarily formal and business-like for that audience.)
Likewise, a high-end host may reference enjoying hors d’oeuvres or digestifs on the deck in their listing description to convey that they’re in tune with discerning clientele.
Think about your hosting strengths in combination with your home, and determine which audience they best serve.
Then choose your words carefully to reach out to those guests.
Once you have that nailed down, you’re ready to take the next step.
Use your voice to show guests what kind of host you’ll be.
Every host should aim to provide their guests with great experiences­­­­­. But not every host takes the same approach.
Some pride themselves on their post-booking communication and ensure everything is taken care of before guests arrive. Others are known for creating personal connections and offering an open door policy when it comes to providing recommendations and satisfying requests.
No matter where you might be on the spectrum, you can use your listing description to establish your guests’ expectations.
If your hosting style is put-together and professional, use formal language that assures guests that you’ve nailed down the process for satisfying stays. If you lean towards the host-meets-friend approach, adopt a conversational tone to indicate to guests that you’re available and easy going.
Seems like a lot of work, right? Let’s be honest: It takes time and effort to create a voice that matches your hosting style. But here’s why it’s so important.
The vacation rental industry is personal.
Unlike big hotel chains that offer a standardized experience, your characteristics as a host are part of what convinces your guests to book.
Part of your job is to play matchmaker. By establishing a voice that speaks directly to the audience that will most appreciate your hosting style, you ensure you’re not just booking guests, but the right guests.
And that’s key­­­­­ because booking the right guests is how you get 5-star reviews, establish your brand, and build success.
If you need a helping hand crafting a voice that reflects your hosting superpowers, let us help. At Guest Hook, we specialize in asking the right questions to determine your style and using the right words to drive potential guests towards booking.

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