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By Properly / Apr 13, 2018

Finding an experienced service provider who understands the vacation rental industry is one of the biggest challenges for individual owners and property managers. They are your potential clients! Our mission at Properly is to provide an efficient way for them to find and hire YOU through our marketplace. We know many service providers who have built thriving businesses by participating in our marketplace. You can read Lily’s story here.
So, when they come looking, you want to ensure you have a great profile and stand out from your competition. Here are our insider tips.

Be first in the list!

Be first in the list! This could be you!

Be first in the list! This could be you!

Clients want to hire the best. If you’re first on the list, they’ll assume the best is you.

The factors that impact your ranking

We won’t keep it a secret – here are the factors that impact your ranking.

Want to view your stats? You can. In the app, you can view your stats to see how you rank against service providers in your area. Just use the Stats tab. Note that only YOU see your stats. They are not visible to current or potential clients.

How to create a great profile

Create a great profile. Here’s how.

Here’s an example of a service provider we love.
service provider profile
Pro Tip #1: Be sure to set your notifications so that when those new clients send you jobs, you get a notification. It would be a shame to get job offers you never know about.
Pro Tip #2: Clients have the option to send the same job to multiple service providers. When they do that, the first provider to accept the job gets it. So be quick!

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