Creating Effective Checklists: Guidelines and Best Practices

By Properly / Oct 3, 2017


The goal of your checklist(s) is to provide a tool for service providers to convey detailed reminders and instructions, while not adding unnecessary complexity to their work. Toward that goal, we recommend that your checklists not be overloaded with standard cleaning tasks that a service provider knows to do, such as cleaning the toilet or the kitchen sink. (However, you know your team best, and if you think cleaning tasks should be included, do add them.)

What to Include

In general: We recommend no more than 3-4 task pins per photo slide and 2-3 slides per room in a home.

Time Sensitive Tasks: Start every checklists with tasks the are time sensitive and need to be done right away such as starting the dishwasher or laundry or inspecting for damages and sending problem reports.
time sensitive tasks
Hospitality touches: This could include things such as arranging a welcome basket, leaving a card for the guests or turning accent lights or music on for guests’ arrival.
hospitality touches
Operational Tasks: What operational tasks need to be tended to at each property such as resetting the thermostat, leaving the key, checking to make sure light bulbs work, checking the wifi, checking the TV or other electronics.
operational tasks
Restocking Reminders: What items need to be restocking or refilled? Coffee beans, tea, bathroom amenities or paper product?
restocking reminders
Easily forgotten, highly repeatable mistakes: It is wise to include reminders such as checking for left behind items from the last guests or cleaning out the refrigerator of the last guests’ leftovers.
easily forgotten
Specialty Cleaning Tasks: Include specialty cleaning tasks such as baseboards, a specific cleaning product that should be used or a complex cleaning task that requires pictures to convey clear instructions.
specialty cleaning tasks
Staging and Presentation: It is critical that a home be clean, but it is just as important that it be presented beautifully. Include listing or other photos for service providers to use as a reference for how to stage.
staging and presentation
Owner Requirements: Be sure to include any owner requirements in your checklist. And be sure to let them know their important tasks and quality checks have been included in your processes. It’s a good way to create a loyal customer for life.
owner requirements
Verification Photos: Consider what images you (or your client) want to view or have a record of for the finished job. You may choose to ask for photos of rooms that are staged or of operational tasks like an empty dishwasher.
verification photos
Inventory or Location: Include reference photos of the insides of cabinets or closets if you (or your client) is particular about where items belong in the house or inventory of house or other amenities.
inventory or location

Advanced Tips

Using Properly’s Text Templates

properly text templates
Properly’s text templates are a convenient and efficient way to create a checklist. Our templates can be edited and we highly recommend that if you use them, that you review and edit them to ensure they are relevant for the property and job. You can edit, delete and add tasks on our templates.

Creating Customized Checklists for Various Use Cases

Properly allows you to create as many checklists per property as you wish. Take advantage so you are always prepared with visual instructions to send to a service provider.

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