When to Reject a Last-Minute Vacation Rental Booking

Should you accept a last-minute vacation rental booking? Last-minute inquiries are notorious red flags for fraud or bad behavior, but there are plenty of good reasons why a great guest might have to book with very little notice. You don't want to turn down a good booking without reason, but you also don't want to deal with a problematic guest. Here's what to look out for.


How Can Vacation Rental Managers Earn Travelers’ Trust?  

Vacation rental companies are booming right now, and the demand for vacation rental managers is growing. That’s great news for many of you as you bring in more inventory for your vacation rental management business, but let’s look into the future just a bit: Is the market for vacation rentals...


How Vacation Rental Managers Can Win More Inventory

If you’re just starting out or would like to expand beyond a handful of properties, you’re in luck. We talked to some experienced managers in the industry whose businesses have skyrocketed in the last few years and got their advice on how to build a vacation rental management company - at scale.


Find Jobs Scheduled for Any Vacation Rental with Calendar Filters

When you’re using a management tool to manage a large number of properties, you need a way to narrow down the search for the specific jobs you want to review. New Calendar Filters make it easy to manage your properties by city, date range, service provider, and much more.


How Much Should You Charge for Vacation Rental Cleaning?

What's a good rate for a vacation rental cleaning? Property managers and service providers should read our in-depth guide on how to set rates in every area!


How Short-Term Rental Property Managers Should Deal With “Bad” Guests

In a perfect world, all of the travelers who pass through your short-term rental properties would leave the place spotless and provide a glowing review under your listing. In this world, you do get a lot of fantastically responsible, clean, and grateful guests, but every once in a while, a bad egg falls into...


Trust But Verify – Best Practices for Ensuring Top-Quality Cleaning

The quality of our cleaning teams can make or break your vacation rental business, and the work they do arguably makes the biggest impression on your guests. You can have amazing properties, and your reservations team can do a stellar job of being attentive to guests, preparing them for their...

Monitor cleaning quality with photo verification, time tracking and geolocation

You hardly need us to tell you that, in this industry, presentation is everything. If you want to be sure that your service providers are meeting your expectations and staging your properties to perfection, quality assurance is key – but physical inspections are far from an effective use of your...


Our best practice advice for managing service providers

Last month, we gave you our tips for finding, vetting, and hiring the perfect service providers for your properties – but hiring new cleaners is only half the task. If you really want to make the most out of your service providers, you need to manage them effectively. Cleaner management...

Be Like Lily: Use Properly to build your business

Hi! Lily here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia. As one of the top-performing hospitality cleaning providers on Properly, you could say I’m a fan! I’d like to share how I used Properly to build and transform my business.   A Properly Success Story Two years ago, I fell into Airbnb...


3 Benefits + 3 Tips for Hiring from the Properly Marketplace

Properly’s marketplace is a revolutionary resource in the vacation rental industry. While there are other on-demand services, the Properly marketplace is unique and bespoke to hospitality. Our 3 BIG Benefits 1. Service providers on the Properly platform have experience in the hospitality industry Did you know that every service provider...


Properly offers an efficient solution for when you need a cleaner NOW!

There are times when we need a cleaner urgently. Luckily, Properly offers a solution for that. There are loads of reasons, but here are just a few. Can you relate with any of these? Your trusted cleaner had an emergency and needs to cancel. Your trusted cleaner is on vacation....


Five Easily Avoidable Guest Complaints

Managing a vacation rental isn’t simple. Between marketing your property, communicating with guests and running your operations, it might seem there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. When you put so much hard work and time into your property, the last thing you want...


Properly Announces First Amazon Echo Integration in Vacation Rental Tech

Adding smart home technology to your vacation rental with an Amazon Echo device adds an impressive “wow” factor for your guests and can reduce your costs. The Echo has emerged as the fastest selling new consumer product because consumers love the ease of its voice-activated tools. Thanks to Properly’s integration...


Properly’s Latest Integration: PMS MyVR

MyVR is a leading PMS system for vacation rental professionals. Their mission is to deliver the most powerful and user-friendly management and distribution software. They also value creating an open software solution for their customers – a value we at Properly share. With this partnership MyVR customers can connect their...


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