Personalize Each Guest Experience with Multiple Checklists in Properly

You asked, we delivered - multiple checklists are here to make it easy for you to create a personalized experience for every guest.


Raise Your Quality Standards Game with Properly’s New Home Assessment Tool

If you’ve been using Properly for some time, you already know that verification photos are invaluable for ensuring your properties are always cleaned and staged to your exacting standards. We decided to take that great stock of visuals your service providers are already sending your way, and use them to...


When it’s not a “hot turn” – schedule jobs with flexible start time

Hot turn, same-day flip, high priority changeover…all phrases that mean the same thing – current guests are checking out and new guests are checking in on the same day, sometimes with a tight window of time! Other times, we get a breather and might have a day or more in...


Properly Announces First Amazon Echo Integration in Vacation Rental Tech

Adding smart home technology to your vacation rental with an Amazon Echo device adds an impressive “wow” factor for your guests and can reduce your costs. The Echo has emerged as the fastest selling new consumer product because consumers love the ease of its voice-activated tools. Thanks to Properly’s integration...

Give honest and consistent feedback to your service providers using Properly!

Show appreciation and send feedback with Thumbs Up and Comments

Creating collaborative partnerships with your cleaning team is essential for property owners and managers, and it’s a key factor in the success of any vacation rental business. When service providers feel like valued partners rather than just employees, they’ll be even more motivated to provide an excellent service – and...


Properly Now Integrates with Rentals United!

We’re thrilled to announce our latest integration which is also our first integration with a channel manager. Introducing our newest partner, Rentals United – a leading channel management tool for vacation rental owners and managers worldwide. Like us, Rentals United shares a belief and commitment to technology and more specifically,...


Hire the most responsive, thorough, and reliable service providers on Properly with Badges.

At Properly, our goal is to create a global community of experienced hospitality service providers to meet the demand of our growing vacation rental industry. Our marketplace lets clients find new providers and is a platform where service providers can create and grow their businesses. We’re excited to announce the...


New Collaboration Tools Make Short Term Rental Management a Team Effort!

Whether you manage one property or several, operating short term rentals requires effective teamwork to keep things running smoothly. Cleaners must be scheduled to flip a listing. Maintenance contractors must be alerted to a repair. And if you manager for others, owners need reassurance that their home is well-maintained and...


Properly Now Integrates with Guesty!

We’re thrilled to announce that Properly now integrates with Guesty – a leading property management platform for Airbnb hosts. Like us, Guesty believes that hosts and property managers need the best tools possible to grow as our industry becomes more competitive. And integrations between leading solutions create excellence in every...


Introducing the new mobile calendar

Properly’s community of users ranges from single property owners to multi-property managers. We heard from all users that they wanted to be able to use Properly from their computer – so we created the web app and we knew it would be particularly helpful for property managers. However, we noticed...


$200 off Vacation Rental Success Summit & an Amazon Dot for all Properly users!

In a rapidly changing industry, it is important for vacation rental owners and managers to keep up with the latest VR trends. Meet Heather Bayer and Michael Bayer, two of the best (and most respected) thought leaders in the vacation rental industry. Heather and Mike are the people we look...


Connect any iCal or URL Calendar to Properly to Import Bookings from Even More Listing Platforms

Starting today, you can connect your iCal or other URL calendars to any property and sync those bookings with your Properly calendar! This is an exciting feature that will improve scheduling services and changeover workflow for many hosts and property managers who list on platforms and channels other than Airbnb,...


New Feature: Pre-Filled Job Requests Make Scheduling Jobs Possible in 1 Click

The latest feature we’re rolling out is quite special to us. Why? Because it makes the operations of our customers even simpler. Now hosts, owners, and property managers can save time sending jobs by pre-filling job requests to make scheduling a one-click task. Here’s how it works: Since checklists are...


Properly Integrates with BookingSync Property Management System to Offer An All-Inclusive Changeover Management Solution

At Properly, we are always looking for smart collaborators, so when we met BookingSync Founder and CEO, Sébastien Grosjean at the Vacation Rental World Summit, we knew right away we wanted to partner. Séb comes from a family of vacation rental owners and managers and we admire his history, depth...


Properly, The Only Cleaning and Changeover Management Solution for Vacation Rentals, Launches!

Today is a proud day at Properly. For more than a year, our tiny but mighty team has been gathering feedback from our generous customers, releasing new features, and improving the product. We are thrilled to launch Properly’s solution for managing changeover and housekeeping operations to the global community of...


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