Service Provider Spotlight: Jackie Helm

Jackie Helm is brand new to the hospitality industry, but she’s no stranger to business, having successful fencing and home construction companies already under her belt. When Jackie decided to launch her next company with Seattle Guest Prep, she knew it would be important to use the best technologies right out of the gate. We asked Jackie why she chose Properly as the lynchpin of the hospitality business she’s been building from the ground up.


The Expert Cleaning Process That Ensures You Never Miss a Spot

Every outstanding housekeeper has two characteristics: speed and quality. In other words, they work quickly and are able to meet the standards set by the property manager. How do housekeepers develop speed and quality? They have a repeatable process that they use no matter the size of the property. I...


How Much Should You Charge for Vacation Rental Cleaning?

What's a good rate for a vacation rental cleaning? Property managers and service providers should read our in-depth guide on how to set rates in every area!


Cleaning products

A housekeeper’s work environment is full of many nasty things that need to be cleaned up, some seen and others unseen. It is the unseen ones I wish to address. Microbes are the bugs that a housekeeper cannot see and that need to be eradicated from the property as it...


Properly Service Provider Profile – Carlos Vasquez

Carlos’ cleaning company – Hostable Hospitality – is new to the scene, but it is already the #1 ranked service provider on Properly in Austin. Carlos and his team are taking Texas by storm, currently branching out into Houston. We caught up with him to learn how he got into...


Housekeeping Tidbits

A housekeepers world is full of all sorts of tidbits of knowledge and common issues. Here is some knowledge we can use to be successful housekeepers. We need to know what causes and to fix Blackfoot Syndrome, why cleaning with micro fiber rags is the best, how to properly clean...


Music: The upside of listening while you work & a Properly Playlist

On a whim last month, we asked our service providers if they listened to music while they work. And if so, we were curious about their favorite songs. It started as a playful curiosity and the response was overwhelming. We discovered that most service providers do play music while they...


Creating a great profile

Finding an experienced service provider who understands the vacation rental industry is one of the biggest challenges for individual owners and property managers. They are your potential clients! Our mission at Properly is to provide an efficient way for them to find and hire YOU through our marketplace. We know...

Meet Properly Superhero Jenny: She’s the FASTEST responder on the platform, LOVES to clean and can (probably) dance like Axl…

Based out of Richmond, California, Jenny and her team clean properties all over the Bay Area – up to 10 each day. Jenny has been cleaning short-term rentals with Properly for almost a year, and we’re pretty sure her 1 minute average response time makes her the fastest responder on...


Meet Properly Superheros, Karoline and Gian of Blue 3: Their super power will make you swoon.

Originally from Brazil, Gian and Karoline visited the USA in 2014 and noticed a major gap in the market for high-quality, standardized cleaning services. The following year, they moved to California and founded their new cleaning company, Blue 3.  We’ve asked them to share some of the secrets of their...


How One (Oh-So Brave) M❤️M Proves the Properly App is Easy to Use

NOTE to our Android users: Even though my Mom tested on her iPhone, the usability is nearly 100% the same on Android. When we find a Mom with an Android phone, we’ll have her test for you. 😉 It’s not uncommon that we hear concern from a customer about their...


Properly Now Integrates with Guesty!

We’re thrilled to announce that Properly now integrates with Guesty – a leading property management platform for Airbnb hosts. Like us, Guesty believes that hosts and property managers need the best tools possible to grow as our industry becomes more competitive. And integrations between leading solutions create excellence in every...


How Properly Saved A Superhost from a Stinky Dog Dilemma

Meet Barkley! Barkley is Alex, our founder’s, dog and everyone at Properly’s favorite furry friend. He’s cute and cuddly but like most dogs, he can be smelly at times. When Alex travels, he rents his Noe Valley, San Francisco house to guests on Airbnb. And although he clearly mentions that...


10 Vacation Rental Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Like many vacation rental owners, one of my biggest sources of pride is positive reviews. Reviews that mention my rental’s cleanliness really make me do a happy dance because I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the process. Now I’ll share some of those processes with the Properly audience! Often...


Before You Hire a Cleaner for a Vacation Rental Make Sure You Know the Differences Between Residential and Hospitality Cleanings

The success of your changeover cleanings affects the success of your own short term or vacation rental business. Why? Because the first physical experience a guest has is observing how clean and well prepared the rental is when they walk in. First impressions last the longest and more often than...


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