Properly Case Study: Kleenerly

The Kleenerly cofounders tried out quite a few different apps and platforms before deciding on their winner. “We quickly realized Properly was the perfect fit for our very specific needs and expectations.” Ease of onboarding, visual checklists that made it possible for any of Kleenerly’s turnover specialists to see exactly what was needed in each property, and real-time feedback were just a few of the reasons Ricardo and Annette credit Properly with a great deal of their success.


How The HOST Uses Properly to Provide Unique à la Carte Services – And Achieve 200% Growth!

The HOST was growing rapidly as a result of its outstanding and unique service and its partnership with Evolve Vacation Rental Network. As it grew, however, the New Orleans-based vacation rental service company started to have trouble managing its schedule across various service providers and channels. Here's how The HOST implemented Properly to better coordinate service providers, streamline operations, and provide personalized experiences for EVERY guest.


How Properly’s Process Management Tools Save SF Shannon Hours Each Week

Challenges Outdated cleaner communication For successful real estate businesses, every minute counts. Time lost on inefficient processes quickly mounts up and can have a major impact on overall productivity. This is especially true for a company like SF Shannon. Based in the heart of historic St. Louis, SF Shannon manages...


How MetroButler Increased Their Listings by 600% with Properly

Since partnering with Properly, MetroButler has also expanded to more of New York’s boroughs including Queens and Brooklyn. They’ve also added Las Vegas, Nashville, and the Hamptons to their rental portfolio. As MetroButler further scale their business, Properly will continue to add new features to make managing their contractors easier.


How BnBbuddy increased profitability by 10% with Properly

“Ultimately, all of this improved efficiency is helping us to scale more quickly and improve our topline revenue. We estimate that our profitability has increased by at least 10% as a direct result of Properly.”


How Guesthop Uses Properly To Make Every Cleaning Perfect

The partnership with Properly has allowed Guesthop to expand and evolve seamlessly. And when reflecting on the journey it’s been –– and what’s to come –– Emily takes solace in the fact that “Properly just makes everything way more simple.”


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