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How BnBbuddy increased profitability by 10% with Properly

Michael Allen Michael Allen, first official member of the Properly Fan Club.

“Our profitability has increased by at least 10% as a direct result of Properly.”

- Michael Allen

Director, BnBbuddy


As BnBbuddy began to expand throughout the UK, it found that logistical challenges were standing in the way of growth. Manually managing cleaners was a full-time job that ate into profit margins. Old-fashioned, paper-based systems held back cleaner productivity. And non-scalable training requirements stood in the way of opportunity in new cities.

To stay ahead of the competition and continue delivering the highest level of customer service, BnBbuddy implemented Properly. Through extensive automation and intuitive visual tools, Properly has driven a complete digital transformation of BnBbuddy’s cleaning processes – boosting productivity and profitability as the company continues to grow.

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  • Logistical challenges impeding growth into new cities
  • Manual cleaner booking and scheduling processes excessively time-consuming
  • Paper-based cleaning checklists and instructions inefficient and ineffective
  • Solutions

  • Process automation
  • Photo-based checklists
  • Benefits

  • 10% improved profitability
  • 15% increase in cleaner productivity
  • Accelerated business growth
  • “We immediately saw that Properly was the ideal solution for our business. There’s nothing else like it on the market that caters to the short-term let industry.”

    - Michael Allen

    Director, BnBbuddy


    Growing pains

    With the enormous popularity of Airbnb, the short-term holiday letting industry is booming. As more and more lettings management companies scramble for a slice of the action, businesses must work harder than ever to stand out and stay ahead. This is something that BnBbuddy knows particularly well. Established in 2015, BnBbuddy was one of the first businesses in the sector – today, it has 20 competitors in Edinburgh alone. In spite of this competition, the company’s experience and expertise have seen it thrive on the local scale; but as it began to expand throughout the UK, logistical challenges became more and more of a roadblock.

    Michael Allen, Director of BnBbuddy, explains: “Our business was largely manual, so admin tasks were time-consuming and prone to human error. This was especially problematic when it came to property cleaning. As we scaled up, taking bookings, scheduling cleanings, and communicating with cleaners had become a full-time job for one of our employees. And we knew that as our business continued to grow, the manual workload would only increase."

    “What’s more, our cleaners were working from old-fashioned, paper-based instructions. This method lacked clarity, and led to further delays and miscommunication.”

    The costs of inefficiency were racking up, and the cumbersome processes even risked impacting the guest experience. It was clear to BnBbuddy that to maintain its profitability and service quality, it needed to transform its approach to cleaning management.


    Automation & visualization

    BnBbuddy set its sights on automating its cleaning management processes and introducing more intuitive, visual tools for it cleaners. The difficulty was in finding a solution that could deliver these functionalities.

    "Initially, we tried using our existing Property Management System,” comments Michael Allen, “and we found that it lacked the visual element that we were looking for. We asked the provider to implement the missing features, but she wasn’t on board."

    "It was at this point that BnBbuddy started looking around for alternatives – and discovered Properly."

    “Properly was still in development when we came across it,” recalls Michael Allen. “But we immediately saw that it was the ideal solution for our business. There’s nothing else like it on the market that caters to the short-term let industry.

    We got involved straightaway and communicated with Properly about the features that would be useful to have. Refreshingly for a tech vendor, Properly was highly responsive to our feedback.”

    When Properly launched, it was precisely what BnBbuddy needed. The platform automates booking and scheduling processes – eliminating the bulk of the manual work – while new, photo-based instructions and checklists save cleaners time and improve cleaning quality.

    “Properly was super easy to implement,” adds Michael Allen. “The best part is that it’s already integrated with Airbnb and all the channels, so we could just plug it in and go.”

    Properly case study bnb buddy airbnb integration

    Properly's integration makes implementation super easy.

    Expert support

    BnBbuddy is benefiting not just from Properly’s software, but also from its expertise.

    “Working with Properly has been a great experience,” says Michael Allen. “Their people are both competent and confident, and that’s not something you always see with software companies. You can tell they used to work in property management themselves.

    The support has been very good. Even better than I expected, in fact. When we call up with a problem, Properly doesn’t just direct us to a blog or an FAQ – they actually solve the issue for us.


    Productivity, profitability

    Implementing Properly has helped BnBbuddy achieve a complete overhaul of its cleaning management processes. The new, streamlined logistics are enabling the company to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency, and driving even faster business growth.

    Properly case study bnb buddy visual checklist

    Properly's visual checklist help cleaners work more productively

    Similarly, BnBbuddy’s cleaners are now able to work far more productively. “Since implementing Properly, our cleaners have each been able to clean 15% more per day,” confirms Michael Allen. “And it’s not just quantity, it’s also quality. The visual tools help us clean and prepare rooms perfectly every time, leading to better guest experiences and better reviews."

    “Ultimately, all of this improved efficiency is helping us to scale more quickly and improve our topline revenue. We estimate that our profitability has increased by at least 10% as a direct result of Properly.”

    - Michael Allen

    Director, BnBbuddy

    Looking to the future

    The Properly marketplace

    To meet the rising demand for its services, BnBbuddy also has plans to start using Properly’s marketplace to source additional cleaners. The marketplace will take the hassle out of recruitment, and provide easy access to qualified, hospitality cleaners.

    Properly case study bnb buddy community cleaners

    Properly's marketplace provides easy access to experienced and professional cleaners and other service providers.


    “Properly hasn’t just provided a marginal benefit,” says Michael Allen. “It’s been so useful for automating so many processes that it has entirely transformed part of our business.”

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