How to Train Cleaning Staff to Meet High Standards

Every cleaning company owner should do six essential things to ensure the success of your staff, your clients, and your business. With these six steps, you'll be able to train your staff to meet a client's standards every time.


The Expert Cleaning Process That Ensures You Never Miss a Spot

Every outstanding housekeeper has two characteristics: speed and quality. In other words, they work quickly and are able to meet the standards set by the property manager. How do housekeepers develop speed and quality? They have a repeatable process that they use no matter the size of the property. I...


Cleaning products

A housekeeper’s work environment is full of many nasty things that need to be cleaned up, some seen and others unseen. It is the unseen ones I wish to address. Microbes are the bugs that a housekeeper cannot see and that need to be eradicated from the property as it...


Housekeeping Tidbits

A housekeepers world is full of all sorts of tidbits of knowledge and common issues. Here is some knowledge we can use to be successful housekeepers. We need to know what causes and to fix Blackfoot Syndrome, why cleaning with micro fiber rags is the best, how to properly clean...


“Follow the Wall”: The Foundational Cleaning Procedure That Ensures Every Changeover Is A Complete Success

One of the foundational pieces of an outstanding housekeeping routine is the discipline to follow the wall. When I learned this principle it was a professional life changing experience and I encourage you to follow it as well for ultimate success in your turnovers. This principle has served me well when...


Take Out the Guesswork For Housekeepers Cleaning Your Vacation Rental: Make a Standard Property Appearance Manual

Welcome back to Durk Johnson’s Cleaning Column: Housekeeping Tips From a VR Industry Expert. This week Durk explains what a Standard Property Appearance manual is and how you can create your own to ensure that your housekeepers know exactly how to clean and stage your listing for guests. I love...


Keep Your Guests Safe! How to Spot Germs and Bacteria in Your Home That Can Make You Sick

Welcome back to Durk Johnson’s Cleaning Column: Housekeeping Tips From a VR Industry Expert. This week we’ll learn from the expert about the dirty world of microbes and how housekeepers need to protect themselves in order to keep your guests safe. A housekeeper’s world is a dangerous world! Housekeepers are...


Introducing Durk Johnson’s Cleaning Column: Housekeeping Tips From a VR Industry Expert

Housekeepers have everything to do with your guest’s warm welcome Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA where I would be doing housekeeping consulting. Unfortunately my family couldn’t join me on the trip, but it was indeed wonderful to be back...


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