Add These Must-Do Items to Your Vacation Rental Spring Checklist

By The Distinguished Guest / Apr 10, 2017

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the birds are singing, the flowers are in bloom… and peak rental season is upon (most of) us! You know what that means: another season, another checklist.
Here are the items I’m putting on my to-do list for spring:

1. Invest in a smart thermostat.

After much back-and-forth, I’ve finally decided to “spring” (ha ha) for a smart thermostat this season. The final straw was when my maintenance person called to let me know my cleaning staff—who are usually wonderful!—forgot to turn off the A/C. Which they’d set at 62 degrees. And left that way…for days.
We’re talking $25 in electricity costs right there—half the cost of a basic model smart thermostat.
I’ve decided on the Sensi. With this little guy, I can monitor and control the temperature at my rentals from my smartphone, and it costs just a little over $100— It’ll pay for itself in no time.
In general, I’ll let guests call the shots with the temps they’re comfortable with. But at least now I’ll know if they’re being energy hogs and I can gently remind them to turn down the A/C if they plan to be out all day.
Another perk: I can make sure the A/C is on for newly arriving guests, so they’ll be comfortable from the first moment.

2. Add deep-cleaning tasks to your Properly checklist.

Now is the time for my housekeeping staff to give my rental its seasonal deep-clean. With the Properly app, I can easily update my instructions to include my must-do spring cleaning items. This way I can be sure no detail slips through the cracks.
What constitutes a deep clean? At my rentals, it means:
• Scrubbing walls
• Cleaning baseboards and corners
• Wiping down cabinet interiors and fronts
• Making sure cabinets are well-organized (and replace any missing/broken items)
• Cleaning windows + window screens
• Wiping down blinds
• Cleaning both sides of front entry door

3. Do not overlook your BBQ grill.

This one is so important that it gets its own special mention. All too often, owners and managers—even those with otherwise sparkling homes—overlook their BBQ grills.
Which is a shame, because have you seen what can happen to a grill after a couple dozen uses? It’s not an appetizing sight. Make sure yours is pristine and ready to go for summer barbeques. Arm your housekeeping staff with a brand-new grill brush and a bottle of grill-specific cleaner, like Citrusafe.
Oh, and don’t forget to check the propane levels or bag of charcoal to save your future guests from a last-minute grocery trip!

4. Clean your yard (and check your patio furniture).

If you have a yard, deck, or patio, your guests will likely be spending time outdoors this summer. Make sure your yard is ready. If you live in a cold, wintery climate, check for what the recently melted snow might have been hiding: leaves, tree branches, last summer’s toys…
Your gutters will likely need a good clearing out, as well.
Meanwhile, take a good look at your patio furniture. Is it up to the task of another summer? Make sure cushions are clean and fresh and that no table/chair legs are loose or broken.

5. Learn to make your bed for Summer.

Time to stow away the down comforter and flannel sheets and break out the lightweight blanket! Check out my video below for how to create the ideal summer bed!

(Hint: Now is also a great time to inventory all of your linens, including sheets and towels. Are they all in good, pristine shape, with three full and complete sets for each bedroom?)

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