5 Essentials For a Stellar Vacation Rental Website

Guest post by Lodgify

By Lodgify / Mar 23, 2017

With the vacation rental industry now being valued at over $100 billion, there is no denying its success and ever-growing potential.
As well as having presence on listing sites to appeal to wide audiences, many owners and managers opt for building their own websites in order to become more visible in a saturated market, generate more quality inquiries and attract more direct bookings.
But what features are fundamental for a truly stand-out website? We take a look at the five essential qualities all vacation rental websites need.

1. A fully functioning booking engine

Having your own website is of little use if you cannot accept online bookings or payments for your vacation rental business. A powerful vacation rental software’s booking engine will play a pivotal role on your website. It’s what allows interested guests to view your calendar availability, it’s the tool that calculates the exact price for their selected dates, and it’s what encourages them to book directly with you.

2. Mobile-friendliness

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ll already know how frustrating it is when a website doesn’t load fully on your handheld device. That’s exactly the reason why an outdated website – which isn’t optimized for mobile – will only drive visitors away.
Given that in 2016, one in five hotel bookings were made on mobile, it’s worth converting to an optimized site as soon as you can. Especially since it is so easy nowadays with the amount of mobile-friendly website templates and software solutions available.

3. High quality photographs

One of the first things guests will check out on a vacation rental website is the image gallery. Property descriptions and virtual tours aside, photographs and videos are the best way to get a feel for a property without actually visiting it, so you need to make sure your pictures are knockout!
Investing money in good photography at the beginning can help increase your return on investment tenfold. Plus, you’ll more than make back what you spent on photography when you cash in those first few bookings.

4. Great branding

Having a solid brand online (and offline!) helps build your professional reputation. That’s why establishing your brand from the outset is of huge importance when it comes to gaining your potential guests’ trust (and bookings!).
Having a memorable brand name, logo and identity will be the basis of your marketing efforts – which more likely than not will start on your website. What’s more, brands generate loyalty and repeat business, so getting it right from the start is a great way to lay the foundations for your company’s future.

5. Glorious guest reviews

To help turn lookers into bookers on your website, you are going to need to showcase the very best of your rental reviews. Not only do reviews help promote your business’ reputability, but these personal commentaries are also one of the key factors that encourage other guests to book your property. Even better, those who rely on reviews are also more inclined to leave reviews themselves after their stay!
P.S. The five essentials explained above are in no way an exhaustive list. There are loads of other features that every stellar vacation rental website needs in order to succeed.
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Lodgify is an innovative vacation rental software solution that empowers owners and managers to create their own business website and accept online bookings. With Lodgify’s tools, you’ll enjoy stress-free reservation management and synchronization of your booking channels without any hassle.

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