Vacation Rental Cleaning: How to Avoid Scope Creep

  Vacation rental managers know just how essential good cleaners are in this business. Your relationship with your cleaner can be the key to avoiding bad reviews and ensuring repeat customers. Cleaners generally report good relationships with the vacation rental managers they work for, but there is a nagging problem...


When to Reject a Last-Minute Vacation Rental Booking

Should you accept a last-minute vacation rental booking? Last-minute inquiries are notorious red flags for fraud or bad behavior, but there are plenty of good reasons why a great guest might have to book with very little notice. You don't want to turn down a good booking without reason, but you also don't want to deal with a problematic guest. Here's what to look out for.


Vacation Rental Damages: How to Make Sure You’re Covered

Vacation rentals get damaged. It’s simply a fact of this industry. Which means every professional should have a plan for how to track when damage occurred, communicate to guests who have caused damage, and get reimbursed as quickly as possible.


Properly Case Study: Kleenerly

The Kleenerly cofounders tried out quite a few different apps and platforms before deciding on their winner. “We quickly realized Properly was the perfect fit for our very specific needs and expectations.” Ease of onboarding, visual checklists that made it possible for any of Kleenerly’s turnover specialists to see exactly what was needed in each property, and real-time feedback were just a few of the reasons Ricardo and Annette credit Properly with a great deal of their success.


5 Ways to Effectively Advertise Your Vacation Rentals

You know that when your guests stay in your properties, they have an exceptional experience. But how can you convince them that your vacation rentals are better managed, equipped, and furnished than any others on the market? It all comes down to how you advertise. Your guests have no way...


Grow Your Vacation Rental Business with Family-Friendly Amenities

Families with young children often seek a home-like experience when they travel. With 7 million families under the age of 4 in the US alone, this means there is an enormous market for vacation rentals catering to the needs of families with small children. Here are the 5 essential strategies we uncovered for any vacation rental manager or host looking to attract more families to your property.


Vacation Rental Cleaning: Hourly or Flat Rate?

If your area prices by a flat rate, do you really need to know how much a clean costs by the hour? We break down how to calculate a fair flat rate and why an hourly price is still part of the equation in this post on vacation rental cleaning prices.


Properly Announces $8.5M Series A Financing

Properly, Inc., a San Francisco-based company that provides a cleaning and quality management platform to Airbnb hosts and vacation rental managers, today announced a $8.5 million Series A led by Asset Management Ventures, with participation by AccorHotels and prominent travel investors.


How to Do a Thorough Vacation Rental Inspection

A vacation rental inspection is critical before you start marketing any new property. You need to visit the property, check that everything is working as it should, and know how to resolve any problems the guests have using appliances and electronics quickly. Here's a handy guide to a thorough inspection.


How to Build Your Vacation Rental Management Team

Vacation rental management businesses are seeing increased interest in their services as more and more people join the trend of renting out second homes or investment properties. That’s good news for vacation rental managers, but it does present some challenges. Vacation rental managers who expand their inventory will need to...


Eliminate Costly Negative Guest Reviews with this $5 Investment

Negative guest reviews can cost you $600 or more every year. Here's how to eliminate the causes of many of those complaints - for just $5 per booking.


How Can Vacation Rental Managers Earn Travelers’ Trust?  

Vacation rental companies are booming right now, and the demand for vacation rental managers is growing. That’s great news for many of you as you bring in more inventory for your vacation rental management business, but let’s look into the future just a bit: Is the market for vacation rentals...


How Vacation Rental Managers Can Win More Inventory

If you’re just starting out or would like to expand beyond a handful of properties, you’re in luck. We talked to some experienced managers in the industry whose businesses have skyrocketed in the last few years and got their advice on how to build a vacation rental management company - at scale.


Vacation Rental Ratings > Vacation Rental Reviews

If you manage a vacation rental, you know how critical keeping a 5-star ranking can be. Potential guests look at your reviews to determine whether they should hand over a credit card to rent your property. If the property has 5 stars, it’s a no-brainer. If it has 3.5, they might decide to pass you over for a less risky-seeming property. There’s just one problem: reviews can’t reflect the quality of the property, the attentiveness of the management, or the amenities provided.


How to Train Cleaning Staff to Meet High Standards

Every cleaning company owner should do six essential things to ensure the success of your staff, your clients, and your business. With these six steps, you'll be able to train your staff to meet a client's standards every time.


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