When it’s not a “hot turn” – schedule jobs with flexible start time

Hot turn, same-day flip, high priority changeover…all phrases that mean the same thing – current guests are checking out and new guests are checking in on the same day, sometimes with a tight window of time! Other times, we get a breather and might have a day or more in...


Music: The upside of listening while you work & a Properly Playlist

On a whim last month, we asked our service providers if they listened to music while they work. And if so, we were curious about their favorite songs. It started as a playful curiosity and the response was overwhelming. We discovered that most service providers do play music while they...


How Immogroom is revolutionizing the Cannes vacation rental market with the help of Properly and BookingSync

“Today, one person is able to manage all of our day-to-day operations. Without BookingSync and Properly, that would be the work of four people – our entire team.” – Gregory Gerson, CEO and Founder, Immogroom


Creating a great profile

Finding an experienced service provider who understands the vacation rental industry is one of the biggest challenges for individual owners and property managers. They are your potential clients! Our mission at Properly is to provide an efficient way for them to find and hire YOU through our marketplace. We know...


Our best practice advice for managing service providers

Last month, we gave you our tips for finding, vetting, and hiring the perfect service providers for your properties – but hiring new cleaners is only half the task. If you really want to make the most out of your service providers, you need to manage them effectively. Cleaner management...

Be Like Lily: Use Properly to build your business

Hi! Lily here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia. As one of the top-performing hospitality cleaning providers on Properly, you could say I’m a fan! I’d like to share how I used Properly to build and transform my business.   A Properly Success Story Two years ago, I fell into Airbnb...

Paying particular attention to details like towels and bed linen are just a few of the ways that hospitality cleaning differs from residential.

Making Hiring Easier: Our best practice advice for hiring service providers

In the VR industry, a clean property is table stakes. What really makes for a great guest experience are the details specific to vacation rentals. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just any cleaner can make your property guest-ready. Follow our tips to make sure you hire a service...

Meet Properly Superhero Jenny: She’s the FASTEST responder on the platform, LOVES to clean and can (probably) dance like Axl…

Based out of Richmond, California, Jenny and her team clean properties all over the Bay Area – up to 10 each day. Jenny has been cleaning short-term rentals with Properly for almost a year, and we’re pretty sure her 1 minute average response time makes her the fastest responder on...


Meet Properly Superheros, Karoline and Gian of Blue 3: Their super power will make you swoon.

Originally from Brazil, Gian and Karoline visited the USA in 2014 and noticed a major gap in the market for high-quality, standardized cleaning services. The following year, they moved to California and founded their new cleaning company, Blue 3.  We’ve asked them to share some of the secrets of their...


How One (Oh-So Brave) M❤️M Proves the Properly App is Easy to Use

NOTE to our Android users: Even though my Mom tested on her iPhone, the usability is nearly 100% the same on Android. When we find a Mom with an Android phone, we’ll have her test for you. 😉 It’s not uncommon that we hear concern from a customer about their...


How MetroButler Increased Their Listings by 600% with Properly

Since partnering with Properly, MetroButler has also expanded to more of New York’s boroughs including Queens and Brooklyn. They’ve also added Las Vegas, Nashville, and the Hamptons to their rental portfolio. As MetroButler further scale their business, Properly will continue to add new features to make managing their contractors easier.


3 Benefits + 3 Tips for Hiring from the Properly Marketplace

Properly’s marketplace is a revolutionary resource in the vacation rental industry. While there are other on-demand services, the Properly marketplace is unique and bespoke to hospitality. Our 3 BIG Benefits 1. Service providers on the Properly platform have experience in the hospitality industry Did you know that every service provider...


Properly offers an efficient solution for when you need a cleaner NOW!

There are times when we need a cleaner urgently. Luckily, Properly offers a solution for that. There are loads of reasons, but here are just a few. Can you relate with any of these? Your trusted cleaner had an emergency and needs to cancel. Your trusted cleaner is on vacation....

vrma 2018 europe

Properly Founder and CEO, Alex Nigg, Moderates Closing Plenary Session at VRMA Europe

What do the CEOs of OneFineStay/Accor, @Leisure, VTrips and Vacasa all have in common? They are all participating in the closing plenary session of VRMA Europe – a panel discussion moderated by Alex. Eric Breon, Vacasa; Javier Cedillio Espin, OneFineStay/Accor; Steve Milo, VTrips; and Tobias Wann, @Leisure will come together...


Five Easily Avoidable Guest Complaints

Managing a vacation rental isn’t simple. Between marketing your property, communicating with guests and running your operations, it might seem there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. When you put so much hard work and time into your property, the last thing you want...


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