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What We Offer

Turnover Scheduling

Turnover Scheduling

Schedule turnovers, maintenance and inspection jobs, and key handoffs easily.

Performance Pay

Performance Pay

Motivate your cleaners and reward their hard work with Performance Pay.

Professional Service Providers

Professional Service Providers

Find qualified vacation rental service providers – from cleaners to in-person greeters – in our Marketplace.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

See exactly when your cleaners and service providers arrive, start, finish, and more.

Remote Inspection

Remote Inspection

Don’t have time to double-check your cleaner’s work? Our team will do it for you in real time.

Custom Checklists

Custom Checklists

Get detailed custom checklists for every amenity, every room, and every property you manage.

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How It Works For:

Ensure Quality and Consistency in Every Turnover

Make it easy for your cleaners to meet your high standards by providing the tools they need to succeed: easy-to-follow mobile checklists, clear and detailed instructions, and quick feedback in real time.

Find Qualified Professional Service Providers

Great cleaners who know how to perform a vacation rental turnover are difficult to find. Our Marketplace makes it easy to find experienced cleaners, maintenance providers, and more. 

Clear Visibility for Every Aspect of Your Operations

Did the cleaner show up on time for today's turnover? Do you still need to get that outdoor light fixed for the property on Lawrence Street? With Properly, you'll always know the answer - in real time. 

Find New Clients and Jobs Easily

Join our Marketplace of professional vacation rental service providers and we'll send jobs directly to your phone. You can review requirements, choose the jobs you want, and track your schedule easily in-app. 

Earn More for Quality Work

Vacation rental managers know that quality professionals are hard to find. That's why they're willing to pay higher rates for turnovers, cleans, inspections, and maintenance. Earn more for your work in this rapidly-growing industry. 

Get Paid Quickly and Easily In-App

No more chasing down payments for different clients at different locations. When you accept jobs in the Properly Marketplace, your payment is processed immediately in-app when you check off the last task in the job. 

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