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Best practices and training through in-app micro-learning courses. Easy.

Best Practices
Best Practices

Best Practice and training features:

  • Checklist library Provides powerful standard operating procedures to get 5-star reviews and keep you in compliance
  • Best Practice Skills Raises your operations and standards to a professional grade
  • Safety Skills Allows you to keep your guests, helpers and property safe, and to ensure everyone has the skills required
  • How-to Add-ons Find effective solutions to typical problems our global user base encounters
  • Detailed Time Estimates Accurately estimate time required for better planning and contracting with service providers
Quality Management
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Best-in-class quality management for better reviews, more bookings, and effortless compliance. Avoid being de-listed on major OTAs

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Quality management features:

  • Checklists Be clear about what’s required, and ensure it conforms to best practice
  • System of record Track what has been done, who approved what, and what’s still left to do, and keep proof of compliance
  • Photos and Feedback Receive real-time photos of completed work, and provide instant feedback if something needs to be fixed
  • Trouble tickets Motivate your help to spot problems, provide easy and instant solutions, and keep track of completion
  • Scheduling and Reporting Save time with powerful scheduling and reporting features, including sending a job to multiple providers (first come, first served), or allowing your help to self-schedule

More Quality management features:

  • Send job to many
  • Allow providers to self-schedule
  • To do list
  • Notifications
  • Flexible start time
  • Import listing photos from major listing platforms
  • Start Job
  • Modular checklists
  • Smart workflows
  • Sync bookings from major listing platforms
Remote Inspection
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Remote Inspection and other optional services can save you time, without compromising quality

Remote Inspection
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Remote Inspection and other service features:

  • Delays and no-shows Our team checks that your service provider arrives and finishes on time and alerts you of delays and problems
  • Task completion We ensure each task has been checked off, and notify you help in real time if anything has been missed
  • Photo verification We inspect every photo submitted against a reference photo, and provide a pass/fail certification while your help is still on site
  • Feedback and comments If a photo inspection fails, we provide immediate comment to help your help to fix the issue while they are still on site
  • Per-job and Monthly reporting You can review inspection results immediately upon completion of the job, and we provide powerful monthly reports with additional insights
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A global service provider network: cleaners, handymen, greeters, gardeners, insurance providers and more. Help at your fingertips.

Cleaner Profile - Nick Jones
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Service Provider Network features:

  • Hundreds of cities covered Our provider network features tens of thousands of providers across small and large cities around the world
  • By owners, for owners Each provider worked for an owner or property manager before they were admitted to the network, for your peace of mind that they have been carefully vetted and know hospitality
  • Dynamically ranked We rank providers so those most relevant to you appear on top, based on a multitude of data points around their likelihood to accept, reliability, as well as other quality factors
  • Skills and badges You see what work providers perform, and what safety modules or other skills they have completed, as wells as badges showing key aspects of their past performance
  • ProMarkets coming soon ProMarkets, launching soon in select markets around the world, add additional services including Remote Inspection and certain guarantees, as well as escrowed payment, to give you additional peace of mind

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